About Me

I am a grandmother of three. I have a   small dog who keeps me young and a young cat who keeps me awake. I enjoy photography, illustrating and painting.
 I have done some murals for friends'  homes ( yes, I grew up in the 60's and 70's, it's what we did.) 

My artwork is done  primarily with watercolor. I will also use acrylic paints on some of my work. I also use computer software to enhance some of the pieces to make them brighter.   This makes them richer, to be used in colorful children's book illustrations and in greeting cards. Some of my work is done simply in black and white.  There are watercolor pieces  that cannot be altered,  The watercolor simply works well in some cases.........

I like carousel horses.  There is something beautiful and majestic about them. My artwork is not only  horses.  There are other animals in the collection.  There are cats, bears and dragons as well.  If there is a particular animal that you would like, in a print or on canvas, I can provide that as well.  I am open to suggestions.

My ultimate dream is to illustrate children's books.  Hopefully, my artwork  and my writings show the peace that I feel in my life right now.  If anyone is interested, you can read some of my Hubs.