Gentoo Useful Bits and Pieces

Collection of useful bits and pieces: 

HOWTO: The Complete Portage Guide Keeping up to date: emerge --sync emerge -uD world

To find information on USE flags either use ufed or grep flag /usr/portage/profiles/use.*

If you need to do a backup then this Stage 4 System Backup Script  is really nice.

Some Useful Links:

 xorg configalsa guidekde guide

Kernel sound configuration to use alsa modules:

<M> Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
<M> Sequencer support
<M> Sequencer dummy client
<M> OSS Mixer API
<M> OSS PCM (digital audio) API
[*] OSS PCM (digital audio) API - Include plugin s
[*] OSS Sequencer API
<M> RTC Timer support
[*] Use RTC as default sequencer timer
[ ] Dynamic device file minor numbers
[*] Support old ALSA API