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  With the launch of their 23' runabout, Z1 aims to appeal to sophisticated boating enthusiasts who desire high performance and unsurpassed quality.
  The Z1 23' lightning fast looks and fluid convex shape is so unique it can only be referred to as a work of art.

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  The Z1 23' Runabout was designed by renowned boat designer Allen "Brownie" Brown and custom-built by Adair Hendrix
of Hydrodynamic Marine. With the launching of Z1 the two men realized their dream of stepping out of the mold to build
an uncompromising high performance boat like no other. Using aerospace technology, they have designed and built a
sport boat of classic elegance, with a style of genuine simplicity so skillfully crafted that it appears to be chiseled from
a single piece of marble.

  The classic appearance with European-flair is further enchanced by it's tumblehome in the aft and uncluttered deck; f
recessed hardware that is conveniently hidden away when not in use.
  Each Z1 Boat is hand-made and fully customizable. 
Visit our Web-site: http://www.z1speedboats.com/
View our public gallery: http://picasaweb.google.com/Z1Boats
We also anticipate a new website at http://www.z1boats.com/ to be operational in the near future
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Wesley 'Adair' Hendrix
Z1 Boats, Inc.
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