yuyang wang

Yuyang Wang Email: yuywang AT utexas DOT edu


I was born in the summer of 1994 in Jiangsu, China. I received my B.S. degree in 2015 from Southeast University, Nanjing, China. During my undergraduate study, I was supervised by Prof. Shi Jin and my research was on the performance analysis of D2D communication with antenna selection. In 2015, I joined WNCG and WSIL in the University of Texas at Austin. I received my M.S.E. degree in 2017 and am pursuing my Ph.D. degree supervised by Prof. Robert W. Heath Jr. My current research interest lies in the broad area of "Connected Vehicles". I am particularly interested in the system level simulation of mmWave V2I and the values brought by wireless infrastructures in avoiding potential collisions.

My recent research interest is more about how to implement mmWave V2I in real fields. Still faced with great challenges, mmWave is vulnerable in highly mobile vehicular contexts. I am now leveraging machine learning tools to break the bottleneck of implementation issues of mmWave V2X. Driven by data, the system is shown to be more efficient and robust.


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Huawei Technologies Rolling Meadows, IL, 2017

Develop fast machine learning assisted vehicular beam training approach

Samsung Research American Richardson, TX 2018

Develop 5G NR SLS


US Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship Finalist 2018

QamCom Travel Grant for IEEE SPS summer school 2017

Exemplary reviewer for IEEE Wireless Communications Letters (WCL) 2016

Outstanding Award (O Prize) of the Mathematical Contest of Modeling (MCM) 2014