SafetyCheck 1.7 Beta Version



      SafetyCheck is a Tool of Detection RootKit,it is Freeware It only runs on 32bit Windows 2K or 32bit Windows XP.

Release SafetyCheck 1.7 beat

Main Parts:

Hidden Processes Detection

Detect hidden process and process module and thread,Kill process 

Hidden Kernel Module Detection

Detect hidden kernel module 

SSDT Hooks

Detect and Restorer SSDT Hooks

Code Hooks Detection

Detect Code Hooks

Registry Tool   (Temporarily no support operate)

Detect hidden registry

Files Tool  

Detect hidden files (Temporarily  only support NTFS ,no support operate ,no support ADS)

Analyze big directory possible is slow  (as System32 directory)


Environment supported by test version:

32bit Windows 2000

32bit Windows XP

Single CPU without hyperthread

Don't run SOFTICE

Download:     SafetyCheck 1.7_En beta


      Use it at your own risk.