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Created and published as a part of my work with an interdisciplinary team of scholars on a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) "Interpreting America's Historic Places" grant titled "Nature, Culture, and History at the Grand Canyon" (funded 2007-2009).

website content

2010    (11 site stories) “Kolb Studio” and “Hazy Vision” and “Thunderbird Lodge” "Lookout Studio" "Grand Canyon Railway Depot" "Hazy Vision: Historic Views and Air Quality" “Lee’s Ferry” "Yavapai Observation Station” “Phantom Ranch” “Black Bridge” "Historic Postcards of the Grand Canyon" 

Brief cultural and historical landscape narratives written published as part of the “Nature, Culture, and History at Grand Canyon” website (a public education online resource).  Website content may be accessed at:

MP3 Audio Tour Content 

2008. with Patricia Biggs-Cornelius, and Sarah Bohl. Grand Canyon Audio Ranger.

MP3 audio tour of 20 different sites along the South Rim Trail and Historic District.

Produced and reviewed by the Grand Canyon Association, ASU, and the National Park Service as part of the deliverables. I was part of a team that researched and wrote content for the production of a 117 minute audio tour (MP3).

Sample audio tour files at:

Historical GIS Maps

2009    (6 maps).  "Grand Canyon Village South Rim," “Rim to River and Inner Canyon Trails,” "North Rim," "Viewpoints," "Grand Canyon Historic District,"  "North Rim," "South Rim Viewpoints," "Beyond Park Boundaries- Rim Viewpoints"

Maps created using a combination of archival research, interpretation of historic cultural

landscapes and sites at the Grand Canyon, and GIS data sets derived from the U.S.G.S, National Park Service, state and local agencies.