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#YxYYfx Musings...

... from the Community


Ian McFarland: poem

Chris Tacy: blog post

John Biehler: blog post with photos & video

Willo O'Brien's blog post with a bit of history, a few photos & lots of love!

Dinah Sanders: distilling what made YxYY successful

Mark Krynsky: Blog post - My Experience at the Yes by Yes Yes Event

Genevieve Brannan 

Laurent Haug

Keely Kolmes, Corey Denis & YOU!: collaborative story


Crystal Van Der Boom: Flipboard magazine

Everyone: Flickr account

Everyone: Flickr Group Pool

Brian Glick: Light Painting Photos

Natalie Villalobos: Epic Prom Dance-off Circle

Haley & Simone | Moving Portraits: YxYY Videos
YxYY unofficial teaser (burning marshmallows!) - http://vimeo.com/70089691
Say what? Say YES! (YxYY Day 1) - http://vimeo.com/70247690
Say Yes to Prom (YxYY Day 2) - http://vimeo.com/70818513  
YxYY Boy by The Pool: Quinn Interviews Oliver - http://vimeo.com/70232375

Eddie Codel: Pool time at YxYY

Sam Friedman → YxYY Poolside Portraits


Say Yes - playlist on rdio 

DKR's 80s Prom Set
Evan's poolside chill music playlist