Welcome to Jung Lab!

Department of Chemistry at KAIST

Analytical Biochemistry Laboratory

Understand & Use Biomolecular Assemblages

- Supramolecular protein assemblies

- Biomolecular liquid-liquid phase separations

- (Nano) Bio-sensors & Drug delivery

Research goal of our lab is 1) to understand multivalent biomolecular interactions (multivalency) as well as biomolecular assembly processes (including condensate formation via liquid liquid phase separation) in nature and 2) to use this knowledge in various bio-medical and bio-sensing applications. To study and use these precise but dynamic biomolecular systems, we are developing artificial protein assemblies and novel biomolecular probes with new structures and functions. To learn more...

Jung Lab News

- (Sep 2021) Congratulation: Hyeok jin's paper is accepted in BKCS!

- (Aug 2021) Welcome! Graduate students: Jinyoung and Yongsuk joined Jung Lab.

- (Aug 2021) Congratulation: Hyeong Joo got her PhD degree

- (Feb 2021) Congratulation: Kibeom and Yongsang got their PhD degree.

- (Oct 2020) Congratulation: Dr. Song Daesun's paper is accepted in Nature Communications!

- (Oct 2020) Congratulation: Kibeom's paper is accepted in Nature Communications!

- (Aug 2020) Congratulation: Suyeong and Dr. Kim Yu-na's paper is accepted in Angewandte Chemie!

- (Feb 2020) Congratulation: Yu-na and Daesun got their PhD degree.

- (Dec 2019) Congratulation: Yongsang's paper is accepted in Chemical Science!