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Core Concepts

As time went on, we found that it would be beneficial and extremely efficient to integrate a Core Concepts curriculum into our camp lesson plans. We noticed that with each topic we offered in camp -- Alice, StarLogo, NXT Robotics, etc. -- we could tie in all individual lesson plans with a strong unifying foundation called Core Concepts! These concepts are taught day by day and is provided in presentation format:

To review the concepts that we have taught our students and to gauge their understanding, we have developed a three-part plan:
  • Review Sheet - Instructors and students complete a fill-in-the-blank worksheet (approx. 10 minutes)
  • Core Concept Posters - Students divide into teams and create posters for each of the core concept categories (approx. 30 minutes)
  • Jeopardy - Students divide into teams and battle to become Jeopardy! champions (approx. 60 minutes)
 Below are Core Concept .ppts, along with their accompanying review sheets and Jeopardy! games. Just click the links to download!

2013 MS Summer Camp
Review Sheet

2013 HS Summer Camp

2012 HS Summer Camp