I obtained my Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Purdue University in 2010, working with Prof. Sanjay Rao in the Internet Systems Lab (ISL). Before this, I received my MS from Purdue and BASc from the University of Toronto, both in Computer Engineering. My research interests are in computer networks and distributed systems, with a focus on peer-to-peer systems and management/optimization of ISP, enterprise, data center, and cloud networks. 

I was originally from Taipei, Taiwan and later moved to Vancouver, Canada. My internship experiences include IBM Toronto Lab and AT&T Labs Research. After Ph.D., I joined Facebook with the goal of turning research ideas into real networking solutions. You may find my FacebookRésumé, and a summary of my research here.


Network Management

  • Top-down Network Management on a Massive Scale (SIGCOMM 2016)
  • Migrating Enterprise to Cloud Computing (SIGCOMM 2010)
  • Bottom-Up Network Configuration Modeling (SIGCOMM 2009)

Peer-to-peer Systems