We are excited to have three missionary couples at camp.  Each couple will work directly with an assigned area of camp.

________________ will work with the South Area (We are still looking for a couple to fill this spot)
Elder & Sister Spence will work with the North Area
Elder & Sister Allen will work with the East Area
Elder & Sister Larsen will work with the Wilderness Area

Please feel free to invite them to your devotionals, programs, activities, events, and meals.

Meet Elder & Sister Spence
Elder & Sister Spence have 6 children and 12 grandchildren.  They all live in the Cache Valley area.  Elder Spence worked for the city of Logan doing everything from soup to nuts.  The Spence's have served as missionaries at Martin's Cove in 2011 and 2012.  They have also served in St. George with Daily Dose.  The Spence's started serving as missionaries at MIA Shalom last summer.  Some of the things that they enjoyed the most is helping with priesthood blessings, Singing Around the Lake & working with special needs girls.  You can find the Spence's at their trailer next to the BIFFY by the amphitheater in the North Area, interacting with the girls, or offering a helpful hand to anyone in need.  The Spence's have been camping since their children were babies.  They felt like these camping experiences helped draw them closer as a family from the experience of being together.  Something interesting about the Spence's is that they had a hot air balloon in their earlier years.

Meet Elder & Sister Allen
Elder & Sister Allen have 4 children and 7 grandchildren.  They live in Provo.  Elder Allen worked for the Provo Fire Department.  Sister Allen worked for the Provo School District Lunch.  This is the first mission that Elder and Sister Allen are serving together.  They are so excited for this opportunity to serve at MIA Shalom.  Elder Allen helped build cabins at Shalom in the 1970's and Sister Allen has served as a Young Women Camp Director for several years.  The Allen's believe that camp is FUN: F - Friends, U - Understanding, N - Nature.  One of their favorite camp experiences is Bishop's Night.  The Allen's trailer is next to the BIFFY in the East Area.   Besides Shalom, the Allens enjoy visitng the San Refael Swell.  There are some really fantastic sights to see there.  Elder Allen enjoys taking his bride on Sunday afternoon rides in his 1926 hot rod that he built (see picture below).


Meet Elder & Sister Larsen
Elder & Sister Larsen have 4 children and 17 grandchildren.  They live in Orem.  Elder Larsen has worked at BYU as a Custodial Service Assistant Manager for 30 years.  Sister Larsen worked as an office manager for 18 years.  This is the first mission served together for the Larsen's.  They are thrilled to be working at MIA Shalom.  Elder Larsen had the pleasure to serve at MIA Shalom for 13 years when serving on Stake High Council.  Some of his favorite memories of MIA Shalom is working with the girls and leaders and feeling the peaceful spirit that resides there.  The Larsen's trailer is located above the BIFFY in the Wilderness Area.  The Larsen's love camping!  Some of their favorite places to go are Wasatch Mountain State Park, Jolley Ranch, & Yuba Lake.  They are excited to "camp" at MIA Shalom for the next several years.  The Larsen's are lucky to share the same birthday on July 5th.