Yin Wang

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I am currently founder & CEO of ikangtai Inc. I am also a post-doc in Computer Science department, Tsinghua University (Beijing, China). I received my PH.D degree in Computer Science, Tsinghua University in 2015, supervised by Prof Yunhao Liu. I also received my BS degree and MS degree in Electronic Engineering department of Tsinghua University at 2004 and 2007 respectively. 

Research Interests:

Wireless sensor networks, internet of things, mobile computing, time synchronization, and distributed simulation.


  1. Yin Wang,Yunhao Liu, Yuan HeXiang-yang Li, Dapeng Cheng, "

    Disco: Improving Packet Delivery via Deliberate Synchronized Constructive Interference

    ", IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Accepted to apper.
  2. Yin Wang, Yuan HeXufei MaoYunhao LiuXiang-yang Li, "Exploiting Constructive Interference for Scalable Flooding in WirelessNetworks"(short_version.pdf)(long_version.pdf), IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, Accepted to appear. 
  3. Yin Wang, Yuan He, DaPeng Cheng, Yunhao LiuXiang-yang Li, "TriggerCast: Enabling Wireless Constructive Collisions"(pdf)(ppt), IEEE INFOCOM, mini conference, turin, italy, 2013.[Acceptance Rate: 24%]. 
  4. Yin Wang, Yuan He, Xufei Mao, Yunhao Liu, Zhiyu Huang, Xiang-yang Li, "Exploiting Constructive Interference for Scalable Flooding in WirelessNetworks"(pdf)(PPT), IEEE INFOCOM, Orlando, FL, USA, 2012[Acceptance Rate: 18%].
  5. Yin Wang, Ke Gong, and Zhaowu Chen, “Theoretical analysis of performance degradation due to phase noise and I/Q imbalance in MQAM-OFDM systems”(pdf), in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Communications(ICC’08), Beijing, China, May 2008[Acceptance Rate: 35.2%].
  6. Yin Wang, Gaofeng Pan, Zhiyu Huang, “Direct Multi-hop Time Synchronization with Constructive Interference"(pdf), ACM IPSN, poster abstract, Beijing, China, Apr. 2012.
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  10. Yin Wang, Ke Gong, and Zhaowu Chen, “MER performance analysis of M-QAM-OFDM with Wiener phase noise”, in Proc. IEEE ICMMT07, Apr. 2007.
Invited Talks:
  1. Yin Wang, "Low power wireless: romance of the three kindoms (低功率无线之三国杀)"(PPT),  the fourth international workshop on IOT and WSN 2012, WuXi, China.
Technical Report: 
  1. Yin Wang, Yunxin Liu, and Yongguang Zhang,“PAUCCPhone-Augmented User-Centric Computing”(pdf), tech report, Sep. 2006.
Book Chapter:
  1. "wireless low-rate network" in "Introduction to Internet of Things"(物联网导论), Yunhao LiuScience Press(科学出版社),2011.3.  
  1. Yin Wang, Y. X. Chen, F. Liu,  “A new security device based on mobile networks” 200610058720.9  
Professional Activities:
    Reviewers for MOBICOM 2012, 2011, INFOCOM 2012,2011,IPSN 2012, IPCCC 2013, 2012, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Computer Communications, Chinese Journal of Computers(计算机学报). 
  1. IBM Scholarship, 2013.
  2. Academic rising star applicant of Tsinghua University, academic rising star of computer science (RANK NO.1), tsinghua university, 2013.
  3. Mingwei Zhang Scholarship, 2012.
  4. Guanghua Scholarship, 2011.
  5. First-level prize in 25th Challenge Cup of THU (RANK NO.1),2007.
  6. Silver Cup in 9th Business Plan Competition of THU(Team Leader),2007.
  7. Silver prize in Business Plan Competition of HaiDian District,2006.
Spare time:
      Travel, Swimming, Badminton,jogging, Climbing.
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