Yiwei Wang

Post-doctoral Scholar at DataONE

NCEAS Associate

Thanks for visiting my page! I am a post-doctoral scholar with DataONE and an associate at NCEAS in Santa Barbara, CA. My work currently focuses on promoting open science and data to the scientific community. My postdoc interests including working with citizen science projects to better facilitate widespread sharing and large-scale analyses of citizen-collected data. I am also interested in increasing data management awareness and educational opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.

My previous research experiences include examining how terrestrial vertebrates respond to increasing human influences in California, evaluating predator interactions in Australia, and using Kickstarter to fund a pilot project in Alaska to study the importance of salmon to the local and regional ecosystem. Read about them here!

During graduate school, I finished a yearlong National Science Foundation GK-12 fellowship working with students from Watsonville High School on a program called SCWIBLES. Check out Resources for teachers to download some lessons! I have a strong interest in bridging the communication gap between scientists, policy makers and citizens. I have met with political leaders locally and in Washington DC numerous times to promote funding for scientific research and education.

Contact me! y.wang82 at gmail.com