SOE Overview and Fees

     The School of Evangelism (SOE) seeks to impart a vision for the nations, and train laborers for the harvest.  With a strong evangelistic, church mobilization and missions emphasis, the SOE includes strategic prayer and evangelism with all nations in mind.

     After thre
e months of lecture and three months of on-site application of evangelism, and church mobilization, the students are encouraged to pursue their ministry goals directly from the school, by partnering with existing ministries, or pioneering new ones.
     The SOE takes the DTS student the next step into ministry, preparing the disciple to be a disciple-maker. The program builds upon the principles established in the DTS, and begins developing the student as a communicator of the Gospel.

Course Values:  
  • The SOE will broaden the scope of evangelism by equipping the students to serve worldwide in various domains of life.
  • The SOE will be professional and maintain a high level of excellence in every aspect.
  • The SOE will be a multiplier for missions, serving to increase the ministries and workers on the mission field.

Additional Information:
     The students will have five book reports, public speaking practice (12X) and over 57 Study Lessons to complete while in the first 20 weeks of the SOE. Most of the Study Lessons are a combination of Last Days Ministries articles, Ravenhill, and Winkie Pratney writings. All articles include questions.

The Lecture Phase

     Our next School of Evangelism will be pioneered in Papua New Guinea in January 2018. A team will be visiting PNG in June 2017 to finalize locations, cost, and outreach plans. More info will be posted after June 2017. Be watching and waiting! 
*See attachment below with our detailed objectives.
*See our "quirky yet serious" list (attached below) of our "109 Reasons You Should Attend Our School of Evangelism in Manila."

SOE Objectives

The Outreach Phase

     Our outreaches always include mobilizing churches for greater evangelism and missions involvement and Church Planting since 2013. We spend an averaging of 400+ hours of evangelism. During the outreach phase we usually carry a 12-foot cross from town to town including literature distribution.
We have an emphasis on open-air preaching, and recently have incorporated children's open-airs resulting in church planting in the Tacloban City area. Every outreach location is different. Contact us for updates.

2018: Lecture and Outreach will be in Papua New Guinea. All details will be ready after June 2017 with the Advance Team returns from their research trip. 

*Watch sample video of our 72 day outreach to Samar Island in 2010.

SOE Outreach to Samar Island 2010


Filipinos: P35,000 lecture + P35,000 for outreach.
Westerners: $1,500 lecture + P35,000 for outreach ($2,260).
Indians/Africans: $786 lecture + P35,000 for outreach.

You will need $500 for visa renewals for six months.


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