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  1. Some new Stein operators for product distributions (with G. Mijoule and R. Gaunt)
  2. Stein-type covariance identities: Klaassen, Papathanasiou and Olkin-Shepp type bounds for arbitrary target distributions (with M. Ernst and G. Reinert)
  3. Stein operators, kernels and discrepancies for multivariate continuous distributions (with G. Mijoule and G. Reinert )
  4. Regularity of solutions of the Stein equation and rates in the multivariate central limit theorem (with T. Gallouët and G. Mijoule)
  5. A new approach to the Stein-Tikhomirov method, with applications to the second Wiener chaos and Dickman convergence (with B. Arras, G. Mijoule and G. Poly)

Journal publications

  1. The adaptive sampling revisited (with M. Drescher and G. Louchard) accepted for publication in Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science (2019)
  2. Stein characterizations for linear combinations of gamma random variables (with B. Arras, E. Azmoodeh and G. Poly) to appear in Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics (2019)
  3. Stein operators for product distributions, with applications (with G. Mijoule and R. Gaunt) to appear in Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications (2019)
  4. A bound on the 2-Wasserstein distance between linear combinations of independent random variables (with B. Arras, E. Azmoodeh and G. Poly) to appear in Stochastic Processes and their Applications (2019)
  5. IT formulae for gamma target: mutual information and relative entropy (with B. Arras) IEEE transactions on information theory, 64.2: 1083-1091 (2018).
  6. A stroll along the gamma (with B. Arras) Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 127(11), 3661-3688 (2017)
  7. Stein's method, many interacting worlds and quantum mechanics (with I. McKeague and E. Peköz) Accepted for publication in Bernoulli (2017)
  8. Stein's method for comparison of univariate distributions (with C. Ley and G. Reinert) Probability Surveys 14, 1-52 (2017)
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  11. One step further : an explicit solution to Robbins' problem when n=4 (with R. Dendievel) [with notebook]. To appear in Mathematica Applicanda (2016)
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  29. The Schwarz-Christoffel transformation as a tool in applied probability (with F. T. Bruss). Math. Scientist 29 21–32 (2004).

Working papers

  1. Stein's method on the second Wiener chaos : 2-Wasserstein distance (with B. Arras, E. Azmoodeh and G. Poly)
  2. Rates of convergence towards the Fréchet distribution (with C. Bartholmé)
  3. On a connection between Stein characterizations and Fisher information (with C. Ley). ECARES working paper (2011)
  4. Discrete Stein characterizations and discrete information distances (with C. Ley). ECARES working paper (2011)
  5. A unified approach to Stein characterizations (with C. Ley). ECARES working paper (2011)


  1. Nombres de Catalan : alcool, ruine et probabilités (short article, in french). Colloquium Catalan, Université de Liège (2014) - [pdf]
  2. Excursions le long de la Gaussienne (review article, in french). Proceedings of the Seventh Brussels Summer School of Mathematics (2014) - [pdf]
  3. Inférence fondée sur les rangs dans les familles de lois alpha-stables. Proceedings of the 41èmes Journées de Statistique, SFdS, Bordeaux (2009).
  4. A continuous time approach to Robbins’ problem and open questions. Proceedings of the International Workshop in Sequential Methodologies, Troyes (2009).
  5. Notes from the second Brussels Summer of Mathematics (with C. Ley). Lecture notes, 37 pages (2009) - [pdf]
  6. Notes of the Brussels Summer of Probability and Optimization (with C. Ley). Lecture notes, 36 pages (2008) - [pdf]

Thesis and memoirs

  1. A contribution to the study of Robbins’ problem. Mémoire de l’Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts, 60 pages (2011) -- prix de l'académie - [pdf]
  2. On two unsolved problems in probability, Ph.D. thesis, Université libre de Bruxelles (June 2007)
  3. On the three-player ruin problem, Master’s thesis, Université libre de Bruxelles (2004)
  4. Geometric structures on complex manifolds and their intrinsic torsion, Diploma thesis, Université libre de Bruxelles (2002)

Editorial tasks

  1. Notes de la cinquième BSSM (with N. Richard, C. Bartholmé, Y. Dominicy, T. Connor and L. Kidzinski editors). Lecture notes, 159 pages, ISSN 2034-466X (2013)
  2. Notes de la quatrième BSSM (with N. Richard, G. Van Bever, C. Bartholmé, Y. Dominicy and C. Ley editors). Lecture notes, 171 pages, ISSN 2034-466X (2012)
  3. Notes de la troisième BSSM (with N. Richard and C. Ley editors). Lecture notes, 91 pages, ISSN 2034-466X (2011)