Yellowstone Valley Farmer's Market Cooperative 

                                    We have always been green

The Yellowstone Valley Farmers Market is the biggest in the state of Montana.











Yellowstone Valley Farmer's Market Cooperative is non-profit.


We will have forms online at a future time.

July 18th thru October 3rd,



Located downtown Billings, MT under the Skypoint

Between 1st Ave. N and 3rd Ave. N, between N 27th St and N 29th St.

in the heart of downtown.


Come Join Us!

Saturdays the starting bell rings to sell at 8:30 am. The selling goes until noon.

In August, there is a farmers market on Wednesday evening. Our hours start at around 4:30 pm and go until 8:00 pm. The vendors are in a one block area between 2nd Ave. N and 3rd Ave N.


At both markets there is a variety of fresh produce to buy. Fresh cooked foods are sold to eat while

shopping or to take home to enjoy. We also, feature plants & fresh cut flowers.

No two weeks are the same, with varieties of produce being ready at different harvesting dates.

We have different types of entertainment each week.


We would love to have you be a part of the Downtown Billings experience