Evolution of Ewhaian.com

Ewhaian.com is one of the the largest university social networking sites in Korea,
aimed at students and alumni of Ewha Women's University, and their family and friends.

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Timeline of Events

Jan. 2001 : Hyekyung talks to Yvette about an idea she has in making a social networking site for Ewha students. They start developing the design and content based on a software program built by Hyekyung's geek boyfriend, Sanghyup.

Feb.2001 : Naccy joins, focusing on the promotion of the site, and the three engage several more people in developing the initial content and design.

May 21, 2001 : After learning that the university has been working on creating a similar website for the past two years, we launch Ewhaian.com ten days before schedule. The university launches their website Ewhain.net on May 31, the founding day of the university. With a couple thousand concurrent users within the first few days, the server has a hard time keeping up with traffic.

May 31, 2001: Ewhaian hosts several offline events, including the Ewhaian Rave Party, the first outdoor event of its kind to be hosted within campus.

June 2001: WIth the skyrocketing popularity of Ewhaian, the university adminstration offers to "buy out" the site, asking all of our people to close our site and work for Ewhain. We decide not to sell our souls.

September 2001: We host the first Ewhaian High School Uniform Party. These parties, surprisingly, surpass banner ad revenue and become a major source of income. 

May 2002: Founders graduate, but by that time, management of the site is passed on to juniors. A non-profit organization is made for transparent fund management and possible copyright and other legal issues.

2003: Content section is upgraded to News department. Becomes first university publication that is not subsidized by the university, thus advocating the idea of free press.

2006: Email service was deleted to free server space.

Website Design

The original Ewhaian website design (May 2001). I designed the logo and directed the overall concept and content categorization. Anyone could create an account and create mini-communities inside the portal. Certain discussion boards such as the anonymous forum, required Ewha ID authorization.

Our first major design rehaul was in 2004. Some tweaks by my juniors were made to the original logo.

The color scheme of the website changed a couple times during 2005-
to red and blue.

The design in early 2006. For some reason, the students only kept this design for under a year. We got rid of the mandatory email function in order to save server space- only offering ewhaian.com domain emails to those who wanted them.

The somewhat depressing design from late 06 to 07. The banner in the center changes depending on what event or project is going on.

The current design (as of early 08). The site has 50,000 active accounts and an average of 7,000 concurrent members.