Yves is a Senior Partner and Managing Director of the Boston Consulting Group,  head of BCG's Institute for Organization.

The BCG's Institute for Organization concentrates on dimensions of competitive advantage that cut across organization design, leadership, culture and HR management notably productivity, innovation, engagement, scalability and growth. The Institute for Organization studies long-term trends, carries theoretical research, and develops practical approaches and tools for BCG clients. Examples of long-term trends currently studied include the evolution of labor productivity and morale in organizations. Current theoretical research focuses, for instance, on the management of complexity. A recent practical approach developed by the Institute for Organization is "Smart Simplicity", which is based on tools such as socio-organizational analysis and the " Six Simple Rules". The Institute for Organization helps advance the state of the art in the theory and practice of competitive advantage and enables BCG clients to benefit from these advances both directly by working with the clients' executive teams, and indirectly by training the BCG consultants in charge of projects with clients.  The BCG's Institute for Organization also contributes to the broader business community through executive development programs, university curricula, conferences and publications most recently in the Multimedia Encyclopedia of Organization Theory as well as Harvard Business Review.

Yves is a member of the Advisory Board for the Journal of Customer Behaviour, and a member of the Managerial Advisory Board for Social Business. Yves previously lectured at the Advanced Sociology Program of the Paris Institute of Political Science. He has published a book, various scientific articles or book chapters, and is frequently featured in business articles on organizational evolution (e.g. The Economist, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Le Monde)

Yves Morieux joined BCG in 1995 in the Paris Office. Following a year in India, he is now based in Washington D.C. He intervenes on a worldwide basis as an expert in corporate transformation and leads the firm's global development of approaches to help corporations create the structural and behavioral conditions for competitive advantage.

On this site you will find a few articles as pages, and some for download.
The themes of Yves' work cover: 

  • Organizational development and adaptation of management 
  • Mobilization and motivation of employees during large change projects 
  • Management of human capital and improvvement of organizational competencies
  • Reorganization and the optimization of execution with a particular focus on complex organization