Yves Le Traon is professor at University of Luxembourg, in the Faculty of Science, Technology and Communication (FSTC). His domains of expertise are related software engineering and software security, with a focus on software testing and model-driven engineering.  He is currently the head of the CSC Research Unit at University of Luxembourg. He is a member of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT), where he leads the research group SERVAL (SEcurity Reasoning and VALidation). The current key-topics he explores are related to Internet of things (IoT), Big Data (stress testing, multi-objective optimization and data protection), and mobile security and reliability.

Professor Le Traon received his engineering degree and his PhD in Computer Science at the “Institut National Polytechnique” in Grenoble, France, in 1997. From 1998 to 2004, he was an associate professor at the University of Rennes, in Brittany, France, where he joined the IRISA Computer Science joint laboratory. He is the co-founder of the Triskell INRIA team, which focuses on innovating design, modeling and testing techniques, such as Model-driven Engineering.

During this period, Professor Le Traon studied design for testability techniques, validation and diagnosis of object-oriented programs and component-based systems. From 2004 to 2006, he was an expert in Model-Driven Architecture and Validation in the EXA team (Requirements Engineering and Applications) at “France Télécom R&D”.

In 2006, he became professor at Telecom Bretagne (Ecole Nationale des Télécommunications de Bretagne) and led the SERVAL team (Validation and Security of Services and Networks), where he pioneered the application of testing for security assessment of web-applications, P2P systems and the promotion of intrusion detection systems using contract-based techniques.

 software testing, model-driven engineering, data analytics, model-based testing, evolutionary algorithms, software security, security policies and Android security.

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You can get most of my papers published since 2013 here: http://wwwen.uni.lu/research/fstc/computer_science_and_communications_research_unit/members/yves_le_traon


Award of the Ten-Year Most Influential paper at IEEE/ACM MODELS conference for the paper "Refactoring UML models".

Google Grant: With our colleagues of Penn State University and TU Darmstadt, we received a Google Faculty Research Grant to work on Android Security. SnT press Release, Research Blog

Member of the editorial board of the Software Testing, Verification and Reliability (STVR) journal.
Member of the ESSOS NoE, as an associated partner.

GC of the 6th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation (ICST 2013)
SC member of IEEE ICST
PC member of ICSE 2014
PC member of FASE 2014
PC member of MODELS 2013
PC member of ICWS 2013
PC member of workshop selection for ESE/FSE 2013
PC member of the SDL forum conference
PC member of AST 2013 workshop, associated to ICSE 2013
PC member of the Mutation testing workshop, associated to ICST 2013
PC member of the SecSe 2013 workshop (7th International Workshop on Secure Software Engineering) colocated with ARES 2013
PC member of SAC 2013, track SVT
PC member of QuomBat 2013
PC member of ESSOS PhD symposium

Key research interests

Software testing, Validation and Verification, security testing, Model Based Testing
SBSE, search-based Software Engineering
MDE, Model-Driven Engineering, Model-driven security, model composition
design for security
Android security, malware detection and prevention, Android bytecode static analysis

IoT, CPS, model-driven analytics, decision-support services

Current PhD Supervision

  • HARTMANN Thomas: smart grid model-driven analytics
  • HURIER Médéric: Malware detection and prevention for Android
  • JIMENEZ Mathieu: Prediction models for code vulnerabilities and bugs
  • LI Daoyuan: Decision support services for Smart Buildings
  • LI Li: Combining bytecode static analysis and machine learning for Android malware detection and prevention
  • MARTINEZ Jabier: Software Product Lines modelling and adaptation based on user feedbacks 
  • MOAWAD Assaad: Towards Ambient Intelligent Applications using Models@Run.Time and Machine Learning for Context-Awareness
  • SANCHEZ GUINEA Alejandro: Inferring behaviours in Smart Homes
  • MOULINE Ludovic:  Decision support services for Smart Homes

Past PhD

  1. Kevin Allix – “Challenges and Outlook in Machine Learning-based Malware Detection for Android” (defense planned in oct. 2015)
  2. Phu Nguyen – “Model-Driven Security With Modularity and Reusability For Engineering Secure Software Systems” (defense sept. 2015)
  3. Christopher Hénard – “Enabling testing of large scale highly configurable systems with search-based software engineering: the case of model-based software product lines” (defense: May 2015) 
  4. Donia El Kateb – “Balancing non-functional requirements in cloud-based software: An approach based on security-aware design and multi-objective software dynamic management” (defense January 2015).
  5. Jorge Meira – “Model-based Stress Testing for Database Systems” (defense dec. 2014) – co-tutelle with UFPR, Brazil. 
  6. Erwan Abgrall – “An Empirical Study of Browsers' Evolution Impact on Security & Privacy” (Defense: sept. 2014) – cotutelle with Telecom Bretagne. 
  7. Alexandre Bartel – “Security Analysis of Permission-Based Systems using Static Analysis: An Application to the Android Stack” (defense sept. 2014) 
  8. Thomas Demongeot  – "Politique de contrôle de flux d’information définie par les utilisateurs pour les orchestrations de services : Mise en œuvre dans un orchestrateur BPEL” (Defense dec. 2013)
  9. Tejeddine Mouelhi – "Security and testing : security fault models formalization, definition of test criteria and test generation algorithms" (Defense 2010)
  10. Vincent Féru  – "Identification, formalization and integration of urbanisation patterns (enterprise architecture) for telecom architectures : Application to the QoS and Security of telecommunication networks " - thesis financed by France Télécom R&D
  11. Romain Delamare – « Testing functional and extra-functional aspects for component-based systems », (Defense: 2009)
  12. Erwan Brottier – « Using Model-driven engineering to check consistency of operational requirements » – thesis financed by France Télécom R&D (Defense: 2009) 
  13. Jean-Marie Mottu – « Validation in the context of model-driven engineering » (Defense: 2008)
  14. Marouane Himdi – « Component-based systems : functional and extra-functional diagnosis using probe injection » – thesis financed by Kereval company  (Defense: 2007)
  15. Franck Fleurey – « language and method for reliable model-driven engineering » (Defense: 2006)
  16. Clémentine Nebut – « Automated test generation from requirement : application to software product-lines » (Defense: 2004)
  17. Benoit Baudry– “ Testable assembling and validation of software components » (Defense: 2003)
  18. Vu Le Hanh – “ Test and UML models : integration testing and planning » (Defense: 2002)