The format on which mind operates is challenge and response from moment to moment. There is auto arising of challenge. Mind translates the challenge as good or bad. If the judgment is kept at bay, response is relaxed and conscious. The ground is realized. Now one sees auto disturbance and auto adjustment from moment to moment, which is the movement of Life.

Oneness and Pain

When it is all oneness, consciousness how one is affected by pain and upsetting due to any situation?
Consciousness is all means-now pain is the actuality, upsetting is the actuality. There is no separateness to reject it, to label it. Every experiencing is complete in itself. There is no thought to escape the uneasiness of the moment. The ground of oneness is realised.

It is supreme relaxation, supreme healing, supreme understanding that-whatever you know or do (or not do) is sufficient, complete at this moment as all knowledge and doing arises in the quantum field. ‘You’ is under the illusion, fear that it may fall, something may go wrong. In the ‘whole’, there is no place to fall, nothing to go wrong. Everything is in it.

Why should I admit the idea of failure, the idea of unfavourable results, the idea of losses in the future, the idea of unfavourable happenings in the future? The idea of failure and so on arises only when I want to feel satisfied about the future now. And this is the psychological error, which the mind pursues in unawareness and keeps on making efforts.

You can be happy only when you are comfortable with contradictions, ambiguity, negativity, uncertainty.

Spirituality does not mean adjustment with the situation with the help of some ideation including that of God. It means to be with the situation, whatever it may be. Being with the situation means- not resorting to complaining, blaming, feeling guilty, not embroiling oneself in ‘why and how’. But simply taking action, if any required at the moment. The Original may touch.

The world is full of hate, despair, distrust. Is there hope?
To depend upon hope is to postpone action, is to escape the intensity of the moment.
The person who hates does not have any problem with hate. He enjoys the comfort of being right, superior. Unless this comfort gets a hit, hatred can not go. It is only when you leave the comfort of being superior, right that hatred (or any negativity) coming into your contact dissolves. The burden to dissolve hatred is not on the person who hates but on one who understands.

You are tense because you want to feel satisfied, comfortable about something, which is not Now. Seeing this connects you to the fluid state, that is, you see the uncertainty of the future as a fact. Action is relaxed and conscious as the energy is not frittered away in covering up uncertainty. Your will has a meaning now.
One is trying to control ‘what should happen’. Leaving this control opens the flood gates of energy. Supreme relaxation takes over. Brain can not enjoy the comfort (illusory) of this control. It can enjoy action as ambling and seeing what emerges from moment to moment.

Spirituality means things can be managed by managing your consciousness. You touch the ground of consciousness when you do not escape the uneasiness generated on facing a situation you do not like.

Brain is bound by the momentum. It can not stay in the relieved state or in the disturbed state. The illusion enters as if relieved state can stay and disturbed state is alien. Seeing that ‘nothing’ can be done to secure such a (relieved) state, it tastes supreme relaxation-the self-sustained ground.

Accepting the present moment ‘as it is’ can not be used as a positive assertion to realize. Acceptance has to happen, where the mind is adamant, where it is not accepting, where it is escaping the uneasiness of the moment psychologically. Here the negative meets the positive; the zero ground is suddenly realized.

When you are nervous, anxious, confused and so on- it means ego is not able to settle on some pre-confirmed ground. Ego is not able to find its comfort zone. If these expressions are not rejected as alien, the whole energy is concentrated here in action. The crash of ego is an invitation to the wholeness to operate. You are now attuned to wonder. Action is relaxed and conscious.

The idea of suffering is created when we want to bind ‘what is happening’ to cause and effect explanation or we want to feel comfortable about something, which can not be solved Now, dealt with Now.

One can never desire supreme relaxation. One desires only stable psychological comfort ‘by escaping uneasiness and uncertainty’, which the brain is experiencing. One hopes to make this comfort stable, keeps on (illusory) fighting with uneasiness and uncertainty until the hope is shattered. The shattering of this hope is one’s attunement to supreme relaxation-the self-sustained ground.

You can not find Reality as an object. ‘You’ and the outer is one as Reality. To see that you and the outer is a singular process rests all seeking. As whatever comes before you can not be escaped. It is ‘you’. Hitherto, one was busy in holding the pleasant and rejecting the unpleasant as alien. When freed from this exercise, one is attuned to oneself, to the Original. Action is relaxed and conscious. Now any action in any direction is creation.

There is a field within you, which you only can access. This field is continuously stirred by happenings outside. This stir is positive, negative or neutral. The illusion seeks to stop at positive. To see that nothing can be done to stop the movement of positive, negative and neutral-one is supremely relaxed. Limitless field is realized. Action is now relaxed and conscious.

If you can feel and absorb the friction between ‘what is’ and ‘what you think should be’ without any idea, explanation-you have touched the Original energy.

Brain functions with symmetry, known. It is comfortable in this. It rejects asymmetry, unknown as anger, anxiety, fear. It is uncomfortable in this. When it sees that asymmetry, unknown can not be wished away-the non-linear, self-sustained energy takes over. It sees the oncoming moment with wonder instead of fitting it into ideas, explanations (known). Supreme relaxation happens not when brain is comfortable with symmetry, known but when it is comfortable with the unknown. Here one sees the ecstasy of being ‘alive’.

 Y V Chawla