The role of book, Guru, technique is over when you felt comfortable with your uncomfortableness and saw the emergence of relaxed and conscious action.

In any negative (-) situation, if you give your inner assent (+), you are charged.

In any positive (+) situation, if there is inner recession (-), you are charged.

This charging ends the whole game of the mind.

It is essentially the release of energy which is frictioned in rejecting pain (of contradictions, negativity, ambiguity) and uncertainty that is transformed as Awareness.

All the out side impacts are causing a stir in you, either positively or negatively or neutrally. There is not a single moment when this stir is not there. In unawareness, mind seeks to hold on to positive, reject the negative and ignore the neutral. In awareness, stir arises and withers away. The ground (Truth) is realised on every stir, every moment.

When one sees that what one is doing compulsively is one’s conscious choice, one gets a touch of non-linear energy.

When one sees that what one is doing, labeling as good, is simply one’s choice, one gets a touch of non-linear energy.

When something suits you, you are happy.

When something does not suit you, you are unhappy.

You are bound by this program.

Mind is inflated in pleasure. Mind is deflated in sorrow. This is so.

Your agreement, disagreement or neutrality in respect of what is happening to you is the expression of life, is the vibration of life.

To seek calculated stability of the mind by comforting ideas keeps one seeking, striving.

If you do not label pain (anything you do not like) as wrong, bad-it is either transformed or it does not trouble you any more. The ‘labeling of it and the comfort of solving it’ binds one to pain.

Through his every activity and thought, man tries to move to a state of freedom. It is his innate desire though he may not be able to express it verbally.

This desire can be expressed in words as :

To do as one wants. Not to be bothered by others.

Not to be bothered by one’s own thoughts.Not to be bothered by disease, accident or losses.Still to live in the world.

Pain (any unfavourable) and uncertainty cause a resistance in actualizing the state of freedom.

Mind instead of absorbing it- coins comforting ideas to solve it, to explain it away.

If one can recognise the resistance and absorb it, one gets the clue.

Brain has to bear the discomfort of any unpleasant thought, any unpleasant outcome, any unpleasant interaction, any unpleasant vibration without any explanation, idea to get itself charged to see the Truth. Mind engages in comforting ideas to ward off the unpleasant.

Understanding can not end at a satisfactory point.

Any relaxed and conscious action (or no- action) in any direction is the culmination of understanding.

We act as if relief of result, tomorrow would end the pain of acting from compulsion, choice, conflict, uncertainty.

We have to see rest in action. We seek rest through result.

Mind instantly converts any disturbing (not liked) situation into lack and seeks to satisfy this lack by theories, explanations, ideas(including the idea of God).

This movement is superimposition upon 'what is'.

To be aware of the superimposition is one's connection to the 'whole'.

When you see a fact or challenge without complaining, blaming, feeling guilty, that is, without the support of ‘should be’, there arises ACTION to meet the demand of the moment (which may involve doing or not doing something).

This action is the atomic movement of the moment.

When you complain, blame, feel guilty-action still arises but then your interest is in satisfying the sense of lack created by the situation.

To be aware of the atomic movement is itself exhilaration, is your connection to the ‘whole’.

Now and future are related in a tense mode. Mind is busy in seeking comfort to solve, satisfy this resistance. This resistance is life energy itself. When it sees that this resistance can NOT be solved, it is relieved of striving. At the same time it becomes alert as it does not know what is going to happen. Restful alertness takes over.

Mind is bound by the momentum of, say, compulsion and relief. It is carried away by the relief. To see that you are bound by the momentum, you are the momentum is to touch the Original Energy.

Realisation (of oneness) means- the issue of ‘wrong’ is over.

Seeking comfort through cause and effect explanations;

Seeking comfort of stability through experiences, knowledge;

Seeking order as an end is also over.

Realisation means- your every action bears your conscious agreement with yourself. Every action (or non-action) is your conscious choice and not a compulsive or ‘should be’ movement.

Mind is seeking silence, a comfortable end, awareness, self and so on to undo its noise, pain, uncomfortableness. When it sees that this seeking itself is noise-it is taken over by the silence, the limitless ground.

Realisation is the opening to the miraculous phenomenon, which is not bound by cause and effect parameters but operates as ambling. This opening takes root when one does not seek satisfaction through cause and effect explanations but sees the (wonder of) micro movements from moment to moment.

When you complain, blame, feel guilty, you cut off yourself from the Universe as separate. You react to your complaining.

Now if complaining, blaming, feeling guilty is kept at bay and the situation is not as you want it to be, you can still act, but that will be a settled action, relaxed action, spontaneous action, conscious action.

You are participating in the scheme of the Universe.

One is seeking stability, permanent solution within the field of mind by ideas (including the idea of God), explanations, securities and so on.

Truth is a hit on the mind that what you are seeking is NOT AVAILABLE.

Raising the fundamental question within oneself is the whole issue. Unless fundamental question is burning within you, the spiritual discussion is like a friendly chat or scholastic discussion to maintain the status quo. Fundamental question is not necessarily a clearly worded question but a sense of incompleteness, which arises time and again but is assuaged by answers, explanations.

Thought desires to relate to actuality in a defined, calculated way. Realisation dawns when it is seen that this relationship can not be fitted, stabilised into a defined pattern. It is not disgust or giving up. It is to see the inevitability of this paradigm.

Thought settles, fluid state takes over.

Mind is bound to seek relief, pleasure only in contrast to pain, compulsion. One seeks to register this relief as if it will stay. Awareness of the bondage takes one to the self sustained ground.

Your capacity to bear psychological discomfort (pain, any uneasiness and uncertainty) without any explanation is the release of power, energy within you. Mind becomes busy in complaining, blaming, feeling guilty, seeking confirmations about result, future-the energy is drained.

When ever any desire is fulfilled, the momentum stays for a period. Brain requires fresh impetus to operate. So fufilment of any desire can not take one to a fulfilled state. The fulfilled state does not exist. The brain starts waiting for a fulfilled, complacent state. It loses interest in moment to moment operations, happenings.

Seeing this is your connection to the self-sustained, endless ground.

You are confident in action not because you are sure about the result or future- but because you see that ‘to seek surety about result or future’ is to drain your energy, is to burden the mind with something, which is not its domain.

Action becomes relaxed and conscious. You are attuned to the Original.

The supreme relaxation happens not when everything is settled but when you get the hit that comfortable settlement with the world through possessions, relations, situations, ideas is not possible.

Now you do not wait for settled state by doing something. You are settled in doing something, anything or nothing.

You land on a ground, which is ever new.

Spirituality is not some logical understanding. It is your attunement to the miraculous ground. Can you notice that in every happening, there is an element which surprises you positively or negatively? We are enamoured or satisfied by cause and effect explanations, thus miss it. Your attunement to this element is unalloyed enjoyment and not ‘what you possess’ or ‘what you wait for’.

Mind wants to undo, solve, escape, satisfy the friction offered by contradictions, ambiguity, confusion, negativity, uncertainty by comforting ideas. It wants to become complacent. This complacency is the illusion. Bearing this friction ‘as it is’ is Awareness.

You have just to deal with yourself. Rest is automation. One is trying to ward off psychological discomfort by depending upon others or ideas. To zero-in it within is the whole issue.

Y V Chawla