Yu Zhang
Yu Zhang, Ph.D. Candidate
Research Assistant, Intelligent Vehicle Research Center
5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District
Beijing, P.R.China

tel: (86)13811608824 
email: yu.zhang.bit(at)gmail.com

     This is old. Please visit my new homepage: http://yuzhangbit.github.io/

    I am a Research Assistant with Intelligent Vehicle Research Center(IVRC) in Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT). I am also a Ph.D. candidate of a 5.5-year educational system from BIT. I received  my Bachelor Degree in Automotive Engineering from China Agriculture University in 2012. Then I was directly accepted as a Ph.D. candidate concentrating in robotics by Prof. Dr. Huiyan Chen, the director of  IVRC.

Now I am a visiting student at WaveLab in University of Waterloo. 


   My research interests lie in autonomous system, especially in motion planning problems of autonomous cars.

    Recently, my research focus is on-road guaranteed safe motion planning algorithm for autonomous cars with dynamic obstacles. I tend to employ heuristic search and optimal control techniques to solve motion planning problems. 

Motion planning  demo                                              

                                                      Dynamic window local path planning  for car-like robots in the environment with static obstacles.


                                           Dynamic window local path planning  for car-like robots in the environment with static and dynamic obstacles.


     ROS acquires the sensor(lidar and camera) information and robot joints state information from Vrep and publishes commands to control Manta. I will use it to verify our motion planning algorithms. It 's just a demo of tele-operating Manta using joysticks via ROS. 

Control the manta car model via ROS.

    I have done some exploration on sampling-based motion planning with kinematic and dynamic constraints in the presence of efficient execution requirements.  I have co-developed a local path planning algorithm which is used in autonomous ground vehicle--Ray. Ray won the championship in the China Future Challenge 2013 of Intelligent Vehicle.     

Obstacle Avoidance and Lane Changing

Smart Car

Smart Car--A Path Tracking Robot.


Small Size Robot Soccer. In RoboCup China Open 2011, we won the second place.