Selected Media Coverage

In English:

Does Money Make You Mean (BBC)

Simply Being Around Money Makes Us Less Emotionally Sensitive (Main Street)

Money Changes Your Behavior and Your Perceptions (Women & Health)

Make Smarter Choices: Buck Up Before You Buy (CNN Money)

Science Tries To Prove That Confident Consumers Are More Likely To Switch Brands (Consumerist)

Social Exclusion Makes People Value Money More (Harvard Business Review)

Study: Feeling Left Out Makes People Take Financial Risks (The Atlantic)

Loneliness is a risky business (The Telegraph)

Lonely people more likely to take financial risks and try buying social inclusion, studies suggest (National Post)

Risky Gambling Tied to Social Isolation (US News and World Report)

How Your Friends Protect Your Bottom Line (Men's Health)

Social Isolation Leads to Risky Financial Decisions (TIME)

Like to Take Risks? Blame Your Social Life (

Unlucky in Love? Don't Make Snap Financial Decisions (NBC News Today)

Can't Buy Me Love: Lonely People More Frivolous with Money to Try and Fit in (Daily Mail)

The Face of Innocence (The Washington Post)

Baby-faced Bosses Can Help in Public Crises (Reuters)

Saving Face With A Baby-Face? Shape Of CEO's Face Affects Public Perception
 (Science Daily)

Placing Ads: Location, Location, Location (Science Daily)

Putting the Best Face Forward (Columbia Ideas@Work)

Public Trust Baby-faced Bosses (MiNDFOOD Magazine)

In Chinese:

孤独的人赌心更重 理财容易出现失误 (騰訊網)

孤独的人 理财容易出现失误 (廣州日報)



比較與對比:媒體內容可如何影響廣告評估 (香港科大商學院研究精要