Yuval Shay-El (b. 1963), is a multidisciplinary creator, composer, pianist, trumpet player and physicist, who lives in Israel. He owns a master’s degree in music composition from Boston University where he studied composition with Lukas Foss and Charles Fussell and a PhD in geophysics from Tel-Aviv University. As a jazz musician, he has performed for over 20 years with several bands on both trumpet and piano. His modern-classical compositions were performed in Boston and in Israel by prestigious ensembles, including Musica-Nova Consort, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Chamber Series, and Meitar Ensemble, and were broadcast on leading Israeli radio stations. His recent composition is "Symphony No. 1" for symphonic orchestra in four movements (duration ca. 48 minutes). At the same time he pursued an active career as a scientist with publications in some of the major scientific journals. Among his recorded CDs, recommended are “Summer ’97” (1998), a nocturnal jazz piano-guitar duet, “One Song One Dance” (2001), with the Atmos Trio, “Yuval Shay-El” (2006), which includes four original compositions by Shay-El for various chamber ensembles, and the latest CD "Songbook" (2007), which presents nine original instrumental jazz songs composed by Yuval Shay-El and performed by their composer in a classical jazz piano trio setting.
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Press the play-button below for listening to Yuval Shay-El's composition "Ishto" (lyrics by Rachel), performed by Liat Morduch (voice) and Israel Kastoriano (piano), and recorded on the Home Concert No. 8, 4 April, 2009 in Ramat -Gan.
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'Ishto' video clip on YouTube

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