Yuval Avnur (PhD, NYU 2008)

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Scripps College, Claremont


Doubt is my main interest (I think). Most of my work is on skepticism and related topics in epistemology and its history, and philosophy of religion.

For the next few years, I will serve as director of the Humanities Institute at Scripps College. Here is my faculty profile at the Scripps website.

Published articles/chapters:

Justification as a Loaded Notion. Synthese. (forthcoming).

Unicorn Agnosticism. Inquiry. (forthcoming).

What is Wrong with Agnostic Belief? in Agnosticism: Explorations in Philosophy and Religious Thought (forthcoming), Gavin Hyman & Francis Fallon, Editors. Oxford University Press.

The Nature and Limits of Skeptical Criticism. International Journal for the Study of Skepticism, 9 (2019) 183-205.

Denial, Silence, and Openness. The Meaning and Power of Negativity. (Forthcoming). Ingolf Dalferth, Editor. Mohr Siebeck: Tübingen.

On What Does Rationality Hinge? International Journal for the Study of Skepticism, 7 (2017) 246-257.

How Irrelevant Influences Bias Belief Philosophical Perspectives, Special Issue: Epistemology, Volume 29, Issue 1, pages 7–39, December 2015 (co-authored with Dion Scott-Kakures).

Excuses for Hume's Skepticism Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, Volume 92, Issue 2, pp 264-306, March 2016.

On an Irrelevant Regress Theoria, Volume 82, Issue 1, pp 81-88, February 2016.

On Losing Your Self in Your Afterlife Self or No-Self? The Debate about Selflessness and the Sense of Self (forthcoming), Ingolf Dalferth, Editor. Mohr Siebeck: Tubingen).

Closure Reconsidered Philosophers' Imprint Vol 12, No 9, 2012.

Mere Faith and Entitlement Synthese: Special Issue on Skepticism & Justification, Volume 189, Issue 2, pp 297-315, 2012.

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An Old Problem for the New Rationalism Synthese, Vol 183, Issue 2, pp 175-185, 2011.

Book reviews:

"Hinge Epistemology," Annalisa Coliva & Danièle Moyal‐Sharrock (eds.). in Philosophical Investigations.

"Science and Religion in Wittgenstein's Fly-Bottle," by Tim Labron. Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews.

Unpublished work:

I have papers in various stages (from rough draft to being reviewed) on the "echo chamber" of social media news feeds and blogs, the significance of lacking evidence, transcendent skeptical hypotheses (and structuralist responses to skepticism), Occam's razor, "universal" epistemic principles, physicalist arguments against the afterlife, conceptual arguments against the afterlife, and "proof" by experience according to Pascal. Feel free to contact me for drafts of the unpublished papers.

The material on the afterlife and the limits of evidence is being incorporated into a book on the afterlife, and some of the material on justification and skepticism will form the basis for a book on skepticism and doubt.

Contact: yuval [dot] avnur [at] gmail [dot] com