Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage volunteerism. We think that the world needs volunteers to help steer away from the grave crisis that the world is facing. Individually we  look out for our own interest very well, but we tend to neglect the public interest. " Everybody's problem is nobody's problem". Human history is witness to collapse of many thriving civilizations. They collapse because the public fails to notice the creeping crisis until it is too late.  Similarly our civilisation is also facing collapse. It can be safely said that the world suffers from the four crisis mentioned below. 

  • The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. The rich are taking much more than their fair share. 
  • The world's resources like petroleum , coal, minerals, fisheries are depleting
  • The world's population is going much beyond its carrying capacity. Our earth is stretched beyond its limit by overpopulation and overconsumption
  • The environment is degraded by loss of diversity and pollution. 
Indeed these are mega problems but just like the Romans or the Mayans or the Egyptians before us, these problems don't feel like personal problems and since it is everybody's problem it is nobody's problem. It is futile to expect the public to rise up to the challenges because history is witness that the general public is always very passive. 

A cursory study of human history shows that all great changes in human civilisation is the product of the effort of the minority. It is in this context that we in YUVA encourage the spirit of volunteerism. If just .4 to 1 % of the population wakes up, it would suffice to create a change to steer the path of our society from disaster. 

One of the constraints that good people face everywhere is lack of time and resources and a general sense of helplessness. Even when one wants to do something, it is difficult to get a sense of direction. We in YUVA want to fill in this void. We deliberately chose those kinds of activities which have high impact but are not resource or time intensive.