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Volunteerism is similar to Nuclear Fission

Part Time Volunteering is similar to Nuclear fission


The world needs to change its course or quite frankly we are headed towards nothing short of extinction. Our assault on the environment and on our fellow beings is reaching critical stage and threatens our future. I believe that there is a solution and that is part time volunteerism. If a critical mass of people resort to part-time volunteering in their community then we can change the tide.

I think the situation is similar to what happens in a nuclear bomb. In a nuclear bomb,  uranium atoms are shot with neutrons and they break up and release more neutrons. These neutrons again break uranium atoms close by. This can go on without much problem if there are very few uranium atoms to go by. But if you increase the concentration and the mass of uranium, then ultimately enough uranium atoms are broken down and you have a nuclear explosion and things are never the same again.  

Part Time volunteerism is similar. Individually volunteering never creates any change. You can even be a full time volunteer all your life and even then see that no change is ever happening. This fact also deters people from attempting anything. They think nothing will work in this corrupt world and they may even be right.

The will to be a volunteer must come from a person who understands failure and sees that as a real possibility and still carries on. But if the volunteers is lucky then , he or she may attract other volunteers and this process could go on and result in BOOM! Nuclear explosion.

Uranium is extracted using a very costly and laborious technique. The same applies to volunteers. Not everyone is a volunteer material. Just like uranium they are a rare species. You have to use technology and have lot of perseverance to extract uranium.

Volunteers also should be extracted and brought together in the same way. Internet actually is the best way to identify potential volunteers.  Those who have volunteer tendencies can get in touch with other volunteers till a critical mass is reached. If and when this happens social change is inevitable. My website www.yuvabharat.org is dedicated to find volunteers who want change and promote the concept of Part-Time volunteerism