Frequently Asked Questions:

What does YUVA stand for?

YUVA believes that the world needs volunteerism to save the world form the 4 curses facing all of humanity. 

Volunteers are those who give their time, labour or hard earned money for an activity that gives no personal benefit but is for the good of society.  YUVA encourages its volunteers to strengthen good governance by encouraging citizens to partcipate in govt work by asking questions and monitoring govt work using the Right To Information Act passed by Indian Parliament in 2005.  

YUVA also conducts awareness 

What activities can a volunteer indulge in for "good of society"?

We encourage volunteerism in the following areas. Our volunteers are part time workers. So we focus on activities which take less money and  are more knowledge intensive.

Why is YUVA so keen on Right To Information?

Yuva believes that democratic political system is the best hope for humanity. In order to make democracy work we need citizens who are well informed and who take interest in public affairs. A well informed citizenry which is apathetic is not enough. Citizens must be well informed and also must take interest in public affairs. Right To Information Act gives citizens the right to monitor the activities of the government. The huge govt machinery becomes responsive to people's need if it perceives that it is being watched. RTI gives that monitoring capacity to all citizens. RTI act is useless if we do not have a cadre of citizens who ask the tough questions. This is where the spirit of volunteerism comes in. 
Peak oil is round the corner. It means that oil production will start its irreversible decline. Our civilisation can be safely called the petroleum civilisation. It will result in massive dislocation all throughout the world. We need volunteers to raise a wake up call to society for the need to build a sustainable society. www.energybulletin.net is the best resource in the web for everything related to peak oil

What is YUVA's position on Charity?

Charity is noble way to spend time in volunteering, but in YUVA we believe  that it is more productive to work in building better systems. For example, it is good to collect money and donate to a poor woman who is struggling with hospital bill payment. But it is better to work for a system where health insurance for the poor is strong.  In a society which has good social safety net, would be great safety net for millions of people. If you have time, then strengthen the hands of the government. 

Does YUVA indulge in Politics?

Politics is one of the most effective ways of effecting social change. But politics has very little space for ordinary citizens like you and me to operate. Allow me to explain. India is 1.2 billion strong and there is only one PM. There is only one in a billion chance that you or me will ever be the PM of India. Politics becomes a rat race for the few available positions that there is. We should be part of the political system by becoming a catalyst to bring the govt to the people. Everyone in politics tries hard to get a position but how try to bring the government to the people? Yuva thinks that the best way to effect a change is to make govt work for the people. This brings us back to the Right To information Act

Does YUVA promote any religion?