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VII. Evan Sirlin's Companies

Listed in Alphabetical Order

911 Help Now (Active)
(888) 650-6837
        911 Help Now is a trademark of HTC Marketing Corp. It is another medical alert company with similar offerings as previous sites. The phone number listed on the site is the same toll-free number as LifewatchUSA. The source code of the website reveals that order forms are sent to,, and This shows that this company is just another name for the same services that Hing Tack Chen and Evan Sirlin offer through different companies.

Geneaological Labs Inc.

266 Merrick Road, Floor 1, Lynbrook, NY 11563
Registered 10/22/2014 to

        This company was listed in the WhoIs data of a website registered to Hing Tack Chen. There's no other information on them other than their address, at the same building that LifeWatch and multiple other businesses are listed at. An event listed on HeavenlyFoodsUSA's website talks about how LifewatchUSA will be there to offer free medical alert pendants, as well as “Genome Testing”, which had no other explanation [33]. Geneaological is a mispelling of Genealogical, and this misspelling is present on all the business records I found. 

Life Watch USA/LifeWatch Inc.

Founded 12/3/1996
1315 BROADWAY UNIT B SUITE 106 Hewlett, NY 11557
266 MERRICK RD SUITE #104 Lynbrook, NY 11563
800-716-1433, 866-339-9120, 888-650-6837 Listed on FB
Evan Sirlin

        This company touts that it has been in the business for over 30 years, despite being founded in 1996. LifeWatchUSA sells medical alert systems and is the most well-known of all of these companies. They have been the subject of numerous lawsuits due to their aggressive and coercive telemarketing practices. LifeWatch USA operates under HIPAA NPI # 1700203163  and Lifewatch-USA operates under HIPAA NPI# 1457667552. Both companies operate at different addresses and are both listed as part of “LifeWatch Inc.” [25] [26] Lifewatch seemingly differentiates LifewatchUSA from Lifewatch-USA.
Lifewatch Inc. has been named as the parent company for numerous robocalling operations, but in multiple cases, other organizations end up getting sent to court and having to pay settlements [27] [28]. The Founder, Evan Sirlin, has been held liable for the company, and has had to pay settlements with the FTC. [29] [30]
    LifeWatchUSA’s facebook page features nearly 25,000 likes, with apparent connections to the National Council on Aging, AARP, and many other senior services. There is very little (if any) engagement on the content this page posts, other than sporadic posts containing thousands of likes, all by accounts from outside the US. This indicates that LifeWatchUSA actively pays for Facebook activity. 

Quick Response Alert LLC 

Registered 5/9/2012 to Evan Sirlin, Hing Tack Chen, Paule Oliveri
Registered Address: 1625 Renaissance Commons Blvd. #106 Boynton Beach, FL 33426
Business Address: 266 MERRICK RD SUITE #605 Lynbrook, NY 11563
Also listed at: 37 W 47th St Ste 201, New York, NY 10036 and 4700 N Hiatus Rd, Ste 256 Sunrise,  FL
Order Number: (800) 836-0142
Better Business Bureau Numbers: (516) 410-0008, (516) 506-8514
Other: 516-996-2706, 516-341-0911, 212 221-0618, 516-374-5433 (954) 742-0202
Email:,, (Customer Contact) (Active)
        Quick Response Alert LLC is a medical alert company founded in Florida by Evan Sirlin, Hing Tack Chen, and Paule Oliveri. They are registered in Florida, but their business addresses are in New York, at the same location that many other HTC and Evan Sirlin linked companies are based. They use HIPAA NPI # 1265859623 and are listed as medical device suppliers [31].
        According to a search of Florida Corporate records, Quick Response Alert LLC did not pay their annual corporate filing fee. As of  9/25/2015, they are considered “Dissolved”, by the state they are registered in [32]
        Their website remains active, with a simple order form and toll free number. The website is registered to Evan Sirlin and Lifewatch USA. It was created on 5/8/2012, the day before their business was officially registered in Florida. The email was registered to “david @”, which appears on whois data for a number of websites run by Evan Sirlin. There are a total of 7 numbers listed as contacts for this company across the multiple listings, all for numbers in the New York area. Many of these same numbers appear as listings for other websites and companies as well.