Yuta KAMAHARA (鎌原勇太 [My last and first names in Japanese Kanji respectively], PhD, Keio Univ., JAPAN, 2013)
Welcome to my website!

I am currently an Associate Professor (in Japanese, 准教授) at Institute of Urban Innovation (also an AP at
College of Education and Human Sciences and at College of Urban Sciences), Yokohama National University.

I received Ph.D. in Law (Political Science) from Keio University in 2013.

My research interests include (a) International Relations, (b) Comparative Politics, and (c) Political Methodology. More specifically, I am interested in "causes and effects of civil war" and "measuring democracy and its components." My current projects focus on (i) the environmental impacts of warfare (i.e., warfare ecology [called by Machlis & Hanson 2008]), (ii) measuring malapportionment, and (iii) election forensics.

My work has appeared at Mathematical Social Sciences.