Global  disaster could be  of a climate, technological, biological, financial or military kind. Many civilizations disappeared as victims of  different  catastrophes because they were not able to work out counteracting strategies in time. Every global catastrophe leads  to a series of others.

According to the Law of cumulative probability time limit for preventive actions is quickly reducing.

There is no global management and no Global strategy for Global disasters prevention.  But without it our civilization most likely will disappear in the near future (with a probability of more than 95%).

                                                             Here are the facts:

1. Today all Global threats are mostly uncontrolled, although modern science has scientific tools for it. For example, against global asteroid  threat there is no protection. And with every year the number of extremely dangerous space objects grows. Many of them are invisible today. Biothreats activated by climate warming  are another line of downfall.

2. Huge international finance is being wasted away in many secondary directions and totally fails to prevent the worst. The ideas of other planet colonizing are totally utopic. 

3. Many future global disasters could be prevented if international programs were created and put in action in time. But today it fails due to the world bureaucracy and myopia.


It is, perhaps, no more than 2 or 3 years left  for creating international strategies against global disasters. Their realization demands about 10 years. Global finance  can change many things but not the Law of cumulative probability. 

                   New Strategy for Global Crisis Prevention is proposed: