GLOBAL CRISIS and Global Solutions


New Global Solutions for Global Crisis 

Global crisis could be  a climate, technological, biological, financial or military one.  

Many civilizations died  out as victims of  different  catastrophes because they were not able to work out counteracting strategies. 

Every global crisis leads to series of different catastrophes.  

Time limit, accordingly to the law of cumulative probability (see attachment file N3) is almost over.

                                There is no global management system for civilazation protection.

                                                        And  there is no Global strategy.

Without new system of the Global management our civilazation or, at least, major part of it will disappear, with probability  more than  95%, in the near future.

Here are facts

  1. All Global threats have no control, though modern science has necessary means for this purpose  
  2. International finance is being wasted away and deals with less than 1% of the Global catastrophes prevention. For example poor dangerous asteroid Global monitoring and absolutely no protection from them.
  3. Global crises could be prevented if international programs were worked out in time. But today the international programs fail, one after another, because all managerial activity in that field a is just "Window Dressing".
  4. If in the next 3-5 years  new global  management system and strategy  will not be implemented then it will be too late, because global programs demand 5 -15 years (some more) and  time limit is almost over.  

A New Strategy for Global Crisis Prevention  is proposed  in attached file N3:

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