Yuqing Zheng, Ph.D.

Curriculum Vitae     Teaching Evaluation (Cornell 4.3, AUM 4.78)    My Statistics at SSRN     My Statistics at Repec

I. Refereed Journals Articles

1.       Zheng, Y., E. McLaughlin, and H.M. Kaiser. 2013. “Taxing Food and Beverages: Theory, Evidence, and Policy.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, in press.


2.       Zheng, Y., E. McLaughlin, and H.M. Kaiser. 2013. “Salience and Taxation: Salience Effect vs. Knowledge Effect.” Applied Economics Letters, 20(5): 50810.


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Economic Inquiry, 50(3): 652–66.


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Southern Economic Journal, 78(4): 1222–41.


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Appeared in news media at http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/05/120510141907.htm


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II. Book Chapter
Kinnucan, H. W. and Y. Zheng. “National Benefit-Cost Estimates for the Dairy, Beef, Pork and Cotton Promotion Programs.” Chapter 12 in H. Kaiser, J.M. Alston, J. Crespi, and R.J. Sexton (eds.) The Economics of Commodity Promotion Programs: Lessons from California. New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing, 2005. Available at amazon.com   Summary findings of this book are available in a recent issue of Review of Agricultural Economics 29(2007):40-63

III. Work in Progress

  1. Falling Trade Costs and Rising Wage Inequality: the Role of Labor Market Sorting, working paper, with John Francis
  2. A Two-Sided, Empirical Model of the Submission and Subscription Markets for Economics Journals

IV. Professional Activities
Journal Referee for Peer-Reviewed Journals (number of reviews n = 15)
Agribusiness: an International Journal
Agricultural and Resource Economics Review
American Journal of Agricultural Economics
American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences
Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics
Food Economics
International Economics and Finance Journal
Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics
Journal of Economics Integration
Southern Business and Economic Journal

V. Short Bio
I conduct research in the areas of price analysis (empirical IO), trade impact on labor, and quantitative methods.  I obtained my Ph.D. degree with a minor in Statistics in August 2006 from Auburn University under the direction of professor Henry W. Kinnucan.  I worked as adjunct professor and full-time instructor in the business school (AACSB accredited) at Auburn University-Montgomery  when finishing my Ph.D. study.  Since then, I accepted a research associate III position with the Cornell Commodity Promotion Research Program in the Department of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell University. I taught a course of Price Analysis there.

SAS coding: Solution to the question that how to estimate a Tobit using PROC Model procedure:
I needed to estimate a Tobit model using SAS Proc Model but failed to find any codes available that can address this issue.  After spending sometime, here is the code I figured out that will do the job and is equivalent to proc qlim.

proc model;
y=   xb;
if y>0 then
else logL=-log(1-probnorm(xb/sigma));
errormodel y ~ general(logL);
fit y /method=marquardt converge=1.0e-5;
parameters constant b sigma=100;

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