Distinguished Lectureship

Lectureship Recipients 

·  2017: Prof. Vivian W. W. Yam 

·  2017: Prof. Christian Limberg 

·  2016: Prof. Masa-aki Kakimoto

·  2015: Prof. Janet R. Morrow 

·  2014: Prof. Nathaniel K. Szymczak 

·  2014: Prof. Hashim M. Al-Hashimi 

·  2013: Prof. Evert Baerends

·  2012: Prof. Shunichi Fukuzumi 

KAIST Chemistry Distinguished Lectureship 

·     Aim

To further build the graduate program in chemistry department by offering leaders in research to lecture on contemporary important topics to graduate students. To help inspire and motivate KAIST graduate students. To cultivate relationships between leading international scientists and the KAIST faculty, postdocs and graduate students.

·     Course Plan and Options

1.   Option A: 1 Credit: 16 hrs including a Department Seminar.

2.   Option B: 2 Credit: 32 hrs including a Department Seminar.

3.   Both under & graduates from Chemistry or others may register.

·     Lecturer Selection

1.   Recommended by both faculty members in chemistry department.

2.   Final selection will be made by the chemistry faculty.

·     Award Description

1.   Lecturer should prepare a course for the designated summer slot.

2.   Round trip airfare is provided.

3.   On campus accommodation will be provided.

4.   A special prize will be awarded by Chemistry Department Chair.

 For more information: Please contact prof. Yunho Lee, Department of Chemistry at KAIST 

via email: yunholee@kaist.ac.kr or phone call: 82-42-350-2814. 

  • Lectureship Committee: Yunho Lee,  Yongwon Jung, Sunkyu Han, Kayoing Park