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The best in authentic Chinese food is served at Yum's Bistro, an affordable family-run restaurant in the quiet Ardenwood neighborhood of Fremont, California. The restaurant owner and head chef of Yum's Bistro, Boson Yum is formerly an executive chef at Hong Kong's Hyatt Hotel and is one of Bay Area's most renowned chefs in Guangdong cuisine.  Yum's Bistro features exquisite crab dishes and a large variety of tasty dishes.

知味館由享譽灣區名廚任旋親自主理. 任旋曾任香港君悅酒店總廚, 灣區 - 香滿樓、馥苑、南海漁村、富豪皇宮, 等首席總廚. 推出世界不同風味的螃蟹特色菜、傳統粵菜、私房菜式、經濟小菜、豐儉隨意. 灣區的僑胞有口福了。