Blackberry Goat Cheese Crackers

Blackberry Goat Cheese Crackers

printer friendly recipe 

makes about 15 

1/2 cup silver or gold sanding sugar (I used a combination of sanding sugar and shimmer dust

2 cups fresh blackberries, divided  

juice of 1/2 lemon 

2 tablespoons agave syrup 

5 oz. goat cheese at room temperature 

1 package favorite crackers (I used gluten free rice crackers from Trader Joe's) 

1 small bunch fresh mint for garnish (optional) 

Place sanding sugar in a small bowl. Add 15 blackberries (or however many crackers you are making) to the bowl, using a spoon to turn to coat. If sugar is not sticking, toss a few drops of water onto the blackberries and try again. 

In a small saucepan, simmer the remaining blackberries, lemon juice, and agave over medium heat until berries have broken down. Use a wooden spoon to break up berries and help them along. Once the berries have turned into a jam-like mixture, after cooking about 10 minutes, remove from heat. Press mixture through a fine mesh sieve into a small bowl if you do not want the seeds. 

Spread a teaspoon of goat cheese onto each cracker. Top with a small dollop of blackberry sauce. Top with a single sparkling blackberry and garnish with mint. 

*time saver: berries can be sugared 2 hours in advance. Do not assemble the whole thing until 20 minutes of less before serving if using rice crackers, as they tend to absorb moisture and become soft.