Bikini Ready Workout from Studio Delcorpo

In this workout you will alternate between lower body and upper body exercises to keep the heart rate up and to maximize calorie burn! (if you are brand new to exercise, make sure to get your doctor's o.k. before starting this, or any exercise program.) A bikini-ready body tip that my clients are doing right now...a glass of warm water with fresh lemon to increase metabolism and keep the body alkaline.

Warm up with any kind of movement for 5 minutes then,
1.  Speed Squats 30 seconds
 2. Plank on forearms and toes, belly in, then crawl front, crawl back 30 seconds
3. Abdominal "windshield" wipers. Flat on back, arms and legs to the sky, reach arms and legs
  Away from each other, in opposite direction towards the floor, belly pulls in tight, 30 seconds
REPEAT all three

1. Step back lunge, and kick front. Same leg repeats for 30 seconds. Switch legs.
2.  Table top reverse plank. Sit on bum, knees bent hands on floor with fingertips facing you. Squeeze glutes and push hips up to ceiling, so your body is flat like a table. Tuck your chin, pelvis to the sky. Hold 15 seconds, repeat for 15 more seconds.
3. Russian twist. Stay seated on bum, lift legs, squeeze inner thighs and rotate shoulders and arms side to side while balancing on your bum. 30 seconds
REPEAT all three

1. Single leg squat and hop. Stand on one leg, bend knee and hip like sitting in a chair, hold down, then explode up and jump. 20 seconds each leg
2. Rotating plank. Start in pushup position on hands and toes, rotate entire body onto one arm and balance, alternate sides rotating for 30 seconds.
3.  Superman swimmers. Face down, arms overhead. Lift arms, legs and chest like you are Superman flying, paddle arms and legs like you are swimming 20 seconds, rest and repeat.
REPEAT all three

Be sure to cool down (with a slow walk, or other activity) and stretch for about 5 minutes to eliminate sore muscles.

Workout by Cheryl Delio of Studio Delcorpo