Name: Yuma Uehara

Affiliation: Graduate school of Mathematics, Kyushu University

CREST and Project

CREST: I have been p

articipating in



Mathematical statistics and stochastic 

analysis for  

modeling and analysis   

                         of complex random systems

"  (Delegate: Nakahiro Yoshida (Tokyo
as a member of  
                        Kyushu group 
                   ``Development and implementation of statistical inference for Lévy driven  
                      Delegate: Hiroki Masuda (Kyushu University)
Project Senior developer of YUIMA project in R


Address: 744 Motooka, Nishi-ku Fukuoka 819-0395 Japan

Email: y-uehara atmark math.kyushu-u.ac.jp

Research interests:
・Statistics for stochastic processes, and their application and implementation
   - Lévy driven stochastic differential equation: parametric estimation and non-parametric estimation.
・Outlier detection
・Model selection for dependent data