Yuliyan Mitkov

Assistant Professor, University of Bonn.



Inequality and Financial Fragility Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 115 (2020)

The distribution of wealth influences the government’s response to systemic banking crises and shapes financial fragility.

Allocating Losses: Bail-ins, Bailouts and Bank Regulation R&R Journal of Economic Theory

with Todd Keister

We study the interaction between a government's bailout policy and banks' willingness to impose losses on (or "bail in") their investors.

A Theory of Debt Maturity and Innovation

I propose a theory of debt maturity as an incentive device to motivate innovation when contracts are incomplete and shaped by ex-post renegotiation.

When do common owners facilitate collusion? The role of agency frictions and repeated interaction

with Konrad Adler

We study the incentives to sustain collusion in a simple dynamic model where - due to agency frictions - firm managers derive a short-term private benefit from deviating from collusion.

On the Relationship between Borrower and Bank risk

with Ulrich Schüwer

We present a model with a complex relationship between borrower risk and bank risk due to banks’ risk-shifting incentives and banking competition.

Unequal and Unstable: Income Inequality and Bank Risk

with Ulrich Schüwer

Regions in the U.S. with higher income inequality tend to have a riskier banking sector. We develop a theory to explain this pattern.

Private Sunspots in Games of Coordinated Attack

I introduce a new sunspot-based approach of endogenizing the probability of self-fulfilling outcomes in collective action games.


Partial deposits (with Todd Keister)

Anticompetitive effects of loan covenants (with Konrad Adler)

Policy induced fragility (with Todd Keister)