Tweetsheet with Auto Tweets, Petitions & More Actions to #StopYulin2016

OUR FINAL TWEETSHEET FOR USE ANYTIME  - published & last updated & checked June 11 2016

#StopYulin2016 #StopYulin #EndDogMeatTrade #EndCatMeatTrade

 If the pictures stop appearing in your tweets you'll know twitter has censored the accounts we run for tweetsheet creations.

Please open your hearts & tweet to #EndDogMeatTrade & #EndCatMeatTrade Worldwide - 

Consumption of stolen & deliberately tortured carnivores/companions is a poor choice

NB. Some tweets are VERY graphic

Please click on each individual tweet button - there are 3 different sets of 20 tweet buttons to click - thank you
You might want to check back on some tweets you just tweeted as some contain further tweetsheets in them that might prove useful!

Twitter is censoring accounts, pictures and hashtags associated with this campaign & others - no amount of complaints to twitter support are resolving the issue. People with large followings are being forced to create new accounts. 
If a new hashtag is created, it is only a matter of time before that is censored too
Our user panel for the tweetsheets shows some #StopYulin2016 tweets received over 1000 clicks, yet only a few tweets appeared when using the twitter search option.
We used to trend weekly for many hours prior to 10th March 2016 with #EndYulinFestival with only 12 tweets on the sheet & much fewer clicks on the tweetsheets - only 91 sometimes! 
Trending suddenly stopped after 10th March 2016, despite previously trending EVERY week & the number of user clicks per tweet increasing to over 1000 sometimes. We changed the hashtag to #StopYulin2016 as we realised that #EndYulinFestival was being 'muted' & despite getting so much more clicks on each tweet of the tweetsheets - we never managed to trend again. So this tweetsheet has varied hashtags.
10th March 2016 - final time we trended - after trending EVERY week for 4 months. 

The creation of these tweetsheets has meant copious amounts of time donated to a very worthy cause but we are failing to create the impact needed to get these animals the attention they deserve. 
By trending you are able to reach so many more people who have not heard of this dreadful trade. Celebrities are celebrated by twitter & they remain uncensored & able to reach so many more people than we can with these tweetsheets. 
The positive news is that so many celebrities are on board - With more encouragement from YOU - they might take this fight forward by uniting & doing something more for the cause than tweeting.

This is the final tweetsheet created by us & thank you so much for your loyal tweeting for the cats & dogs. 

Positive thoughts & energy are sent to those who are continually trying to be a voice for the animals in need & to those animals in urgent need of help to stop deliberate torture.