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About the artist

Yulia Litvinova is a Russian Canadian artist working primarily with oils. She was born in Novosibirsk, Russia in 1982 and moved to Canada in 2006.

She lives in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, with her beloved husband and two little children.

So far, Yulia's paintings have been purchased and much appreciated by art collectors from the United States, Canada, Czech Republic and Russia.

Yulia finds inspiration in her family, friends, nature, and the Bible (which she often listens to on her mp3-player while painting).  She states that she owes her talents to God "from Whom all good things come" and to her father who has always helped her talents in visual arts to come out, who developed her taste for beauty since her early childhood and passed her along some basic skills in oil painting.

Yulia considers painting as a vehicle delivering silent message where colours and shapes speak right to the soul. All of Yulia's paintings are unique. Her work reflects life in its various aspects. Some of her paintings reveal the beauty of nature, while other represent a subtle combination of a physical world and spiritual life and make people think of important things: God, life, death, love, friendship, and eternity.

The most thrilling part of the painting process for Yulia is when something or someone finally appears out of nothing, where minutes ago there was just a white canvas...

Yulia paints in a style that combines realism with elements of symbolism. The artist likes experimenting with colours and using contrast colours to intensify the hue or to create the effect of shimmering light. She likes painting people in movement. Thus, lines or waves in the background painted with a brush or palette knife suggest an illusion of motion. Each of Yulia's paintings is a labour of love and can take many hours, days or or even weeks to complete (30-60 hours for a portrait). Yulia's kids are used to mommy's moments of inspiration and let her paint (not always though!) when she is driven by her artistic passion.

She thoroughly enjoys painting portraits and will be glad to customize an oil painting for you whether it will be a landscape, portrait, or other. Yulia can produce a painting based on a person's general description and wishes (not applicable to portraits) or work from submitted photographs.

If you would like to know more about Yulia's paintings, ordering process, and discover her other paintings to come, please take time to check out other tabs on this website.

It is also possible to buy simple, acrylic, canvas prints and greeting cards with Yulia's paintings.

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