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Commission a superb quality hand painted oil painting on canvas, created from your photo, as an ideal present and keepsake for any occasion.

The subject can be yourself, a friend, a colleague, a loved one, your pet, your house or lovely landscape, the choice is yours. Your artwork will be painted by myself in high quality oils on stretched canvas and signed and dated on the front and on the back by me, the artist.

How to order

If you are ready to start the process of commissioning an oil painting, look at your favourite photographs of your subject and send a high quality digital photo to litvinovayulia@gmail.com. You can send me smaller digital photos to discuss the choice and preferences, but for the painting I will need the biggest format you have (.jpg preferred; 3 MB or larger files are great to work from.) Concerning scanned photos please note that I cannot work from photos with the size less than a 4x6 inches, preferably a close up (the face and upper body fill the photo).

Evaluate the size of your subject and the location where the portrait will hang when determining a size. Both 11x14 and 16x20 inches will work well for small animals or head studies. Full body portraits, larger animals or more than one pet work better in larger sizes.

Please fill out this Order Form and send it to litvinovayulia@gmail.com. In this form you are going to indicate the size of the painting you would like to have and describe clearly all adjustments you would like me to make to your image as I translate it to the canvas. Example: your clothing can be changed, wings can be added, background can be added or changed. If you desire a custom background - a favorite spot in your garden, perhaps - include a few photos of your preferred setting as well. I can add or change something or someone in/into the picture. I can take people from different photos and combine them to make one canvas (I can make a collage in Photoshop program and send it for your approval BEFORE I start painting). I can add color to old black and white photos if you indicate your color preferences. I can make a black and white or sepia portrait from your colour photos. I reserve myself the right to refuse any command  which would not be appropriate to me, but your suggestions will be considered with benevolence. When I receive your photos and your order form, I will be able to tell the total cost. I will send a PayPal invoice to you. After we have discussed your wishes and have agreed on the material (photo) to be used, I will need a 50% down payment (non refundable) of the painting price BEFORE I start painting.

When I finish your portrait I will send you its digital photograph and after your approval you will pay the rest of the total price and the shipping cost. After that I will send the painting.

Allow about 4 weeks for project completion (2 weeks of painting process plus about 2 weeks of drying time. I will keep you updated if, on the rare occasion, there may be a delay due to workload at the time or additional drying time.

Your Original Photo

It is very important to understand that the quality of your painting is directly related to the quality of the photograph you supply.

The more detailed the photo, the more detailed the portrait.

Good material makes a terrific painting. For portraits photos taken in good lighting conditions are preferable. They offer a better contrast, more saturated hues and fresher look of the skin.

You may want to try a variety of lighting arrangements. Good and interesting lighting makes for a good and interesting portrait. A subject(s)'s face in half shade & half light makes for a more interesting artistic picture.

Here are photos from which I worked and the resulting portraits.

After you examine these images and read the comments, it will be easier for you then to choose material for your portrait.

Photograph was taken on a bright sunny day and offers strong contrast and is a great source for a portrait.


Photograph was taken in the room with flash.
Good photograph for a portrait.
I did adjustment to the dress:  the girl wanted to have her dress blue (not purple).

Photograph was taken outside
on a bright sunny day.
Excellent photo to make a portrait.

Photograph was taken in the room with flash.
Good photograph for a portrait.

I added skyscrapers and window because the boy likes skyscrapers. and wanted to have them on the background.

Photograph was taken in a room with flash.

Good photograph for a portrait.

Photograph was taken outside in a shady place.

The lighting conditions do not offer enough contrast, but the photograph is still passable for a portrait.

In the portrait I made a little bit fresher (lighter and brighter)  skin tone.

Photographs were taken in a shade and turned out to be very dark (the skin of the girl looks much darker than it is in real). I would not recommend such photographs for a portrait because natural skin tone is lost.

Because of my customer's wishes, I placed the girl in a garden and changed her hair style. I also made her skin lighter.

Very old black and white photograph that was scanned
Sepia oil portrait


Yulia Litvinova,
Dec 21, 2011, 10:02 AM