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Shifter Information

   Start here to find out more about Shifter: what it does, why I made it, and why it's awesome.
   This has served as a sort of unofficial discussion and support forum for Shifter over the past year or so. I check it somewhat frequently.
Shifter Readme file
   The readme file for the most current version of Shifter. I will update this as I update the mod.

Other Stuff

   A short little guide that should help anybody running XP x64 (and probably 2k3 x64) get iTunes 7.6 installed on their system, complete with iPhone/iPod support.

Welcome to my humble and quickly created webpage!  I am Y|yukichigai, self-identified geek, occasional modder, and creator of the Shifter mod for Deus Ex.

I've also recently thrown together a guide for getting the iPhone to work under XP x64. (And possibly 2k3 x64)  Any of my fellow early-adopting 64-bit enthusiasts who also happen to own an Apple product should definitely check it out, as the guide will help you install a fully* working version of iTunes 7.6, which should make it easy for owners of any iPod-esque Apple product.

*Except maybe for CD burning through iTunes.  That part doesn't work just yet.