Tom Chan's Palm Microban page


Tom Chan's Palm Microban

Just another (free) implementation of the famous sokoban game on the Palm. Get it here. I wrote this because most implementation I found do not support the 5-way navigation keys on my T|E, and I would like to save my solution. I do have a Palm V so I also care about those who use a monochrome Palm.

The development of TCpm has been slow, because I have little time and I played a lot as I write the game (for testing as well as for fun :-) )

News: I turned on the backup bit for the newly created save in v0.5, as I have lost some saves when I accidentally deleted them and then only to find out there are no backup on my computer... Please turn on the backup bit using some file manager to get your save backed up.

Feature highlights

  • 5-way navigation keys support
  • Save / Load game support
  • Export / Import function (Import function accepts LURD format or Run-length encoding (e.g. 2L4DR))
  • Replaceable level packs (which means you won't run out of games!)
  • Large display for small maps (5/7 different sizes for lo/hi-res actually)
  • Colour / Monochrome supported
  • Hi / Lo-res supported
  • Record database (new): See if you can beat the world record


Install tcMicroban.prc and some level packs to your Palm. Tap on the folder icon at the bottom to pick a set. Enjoy! See README.txt for more.



on an empty space to instruct the worker to get there, or tap on a neighbouring box to push it.


5 way navigation keys, page up/ down, Address / Todo list button: move / push (default, configurable)





Notice: I do not create the levels, I just download the levels from various authors on the web and convert them. (I did acknowledge them! See "Game -> About Set" to find out who created the wonderful Sokoban levels and visit their sites for more!) If there is not much description, this means I haven't tried them...

David W. Skinner

See http://users.bentonrea.com/~sasquatch/sokoban/ for details.

  • Microban series (Microban, Mas Microban, Microban III): They are small maps and I enjoyed them very much, and that's why I named this implementation "Microban". Good for killing time when you're on a bus / train / ... Microban III includes some puzzles from the LOMA (Levels Of Multi Authors) project. Microban III is still updating and subject to change.
  • Sasquatch series (1 to 9): Larger maps. Sasquatch IX is still updating and subject to change.
  • All these are solvable.

Aymeric du Peloux

See http://membres.lycos.fr/nabokos/ for details.

  • Cosmo series (Minicosmos, Microcosmos, Nabokosmos, Picokosmos): They are small maps with less that 8 boxes and 40 squares. All come with titles and difficulties (0-10 scale). I think I can now solve levels up to 6 or 6.5. How about you? Hint: the smaller the prefix, the more difficult it is! 40 levels each except 20 levels for Picokosmos.
  • LOMA (Level Of Multi Authors): some 9 sokoban authors come together and create levels with the same component. Levels labelled with easy, medium or hard. 100 levels.
  • Cosmopoly: Contains variations to Cosmo levels. Labelled with difficulties (Average: 7.1/10). 22 levels.
  • Cosmonotes: Labelled with difficulties (Average: 6.7/10). 20 levels.
  • All these are solvable.

Yoshio Murase

See http://www.ne.jp/asahi/ai/yoshio/sokoban/ for details.

  • Auto: These are computer generated levels, each of size 8x8. Although size is small, this does not mean they are easy. 52 levels.
  • Yoshio Murase: Hand-made levels. There are titles in Japanese but I didn't translate them. 54 levels.
  • All these are solvable.


See http://grigr.narod.ru/ for details.

  • Grigr2001: 100 levels. Should be all solvable.
  • Grigr2002: 40 levels. Should be all solvable.
  • GrigrSpecial: 40 levels.
  • GrigrComet: 26 levels. Updated December 07
  • GrigrStar: 29 levels. Updated January 08
  • All levels are titled.

Lee J Haywood

See http://www.deth.dsl.pipex.com/sokoban.html for details.  Generated by a computer program using random numbers and evolved using YASGen by Brian Damgaard.  Names are assigned at random while levels with the same surname share similar features.

  • SokEvo: 107 levels. Small sized levels.
  • SokHard: 163 levels. Small to medium sized levels. Harder than SokEvo.

Tools Used

  • PRC-Tools
  • Vim
  • MS Paint
  • Kolorpaint
  • POSE

Version History:

  • v0.6:  import from clipboard, records database, replay and delete saved games, sorted and highlighted game sets, see readme for more. released 1 Aug 2008
  • v0.5: facelift using skin from "Sokoban for the Macintosh" by Scott Lindhurst (http://members.aol.com/SokobanMac), refined icons, auto switch to 2/4-bit for lo-res monochrome device, larger map supported for hi-res device, set the backup bit for the newly created save, released 23 Dec 2007 download
  • v0.4: added export game function, configurable hard button to avoid conflict with device that put the
    home button on one of these buttons (T|X, Treo, etc.), 11 Nov 2007 download
  • Added Aymeric du Peloux's Levels, 06 Nov 2007
  • Minor bug fix (flag doesn't show sometimes), 25 Oct 2007
  • v0.3: initial release, 20 Oct 2007