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Research contents:

Research interests / Papers: 
Most of my papers are available at arXiv
(See also Google scholar or MathSciNet.) 

Talk schedules 
  • TBA, AGEA seminar 14th May 2021

Other (a bit random) materials: 

About myself:
  • Research: see above. 
  • Teaching (mainly past info. More recent info). 

Brief CV: 
  • April 2004- March 2007: University of Tokyo (did not graduate though)
  • April 2007- Sep 2011: RIMS Master/Ph.D course, Kyoto univ. advisor: Prof S.Mori  second advisor: Prof S.Mukai 
  • April 2012- March 2014: Postdoc/Visitor at Imperial college london / Simons center of geometry and physics NY (host: Sir Prof S.Donaldson)
  • Jan 2013-2016: Department of Mathematics, Kyoto university Assistant professor 
  • 2016-now: Department of Mathematics, Kyoto university Associate professor 

 Last update: Feb, 2021
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