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Human Body Organ System     

     In this project I used Inspiration to create a diagram about some of the major human body organ systems for a seventh grade middle school science class. The program, Inspiration, is usually used with students from grades 6 and up. For the younger students a program called Kidspiration is usually used. Inspiration can be used in any classroom to teach students about certain concepts, how certain things work together, or maybe as a study guide for an upcoming exam. These diagrams could be used to introduce a new subject to see how much they know or during a lesson to break information down into major groups. The diagram that I created would probably be used during a lesson of the organ system. There are so many different organ systems in the body that it is just easier to just break down the information into major parts. The type of students that this program would be benificial to would be students who are visual learners. Using Inspiration helps the students to visually see how the diagrams are broken down. Breaking down the information into major parts are easier to learn instead of learning it all in one big chunk. Although, not all students are visual learners. Using this tool with non-visual learners may be difficult. The teacher could also make a worksheet using Inspiration where the students will have to fill in the missing pieces of the diagram,  put the diagram on a test where the students had to fill in the information, or students could use it in different projects on the steps on how they came up with something or explain something to their classmates.

     Using Inspiration helps to organize ideas, concepts, and thoughts. Concept mapping and diagrams help make learning and teaching easier. Writing with pencil and paper was what students and teachers do almost everyday. But, using Inspiration students and teachers can organized their own ideas and information and it helps students to be more engaged in what they are learning about and they can also see that learning can be made easy.  

     The LoTi levels that can be achieved through the use of Inspiration as a concept mapping tool can range between a level 1 through level 4. Depending on if the program is teacher directed or student directed depends on the LoTi level. Most likely, the use of the program will be teacher directed unless the student does a project, for example, and decides on using Inspiration to better explain the information. 

     I think using Inspiration is a very helpful tool for in the classroom and even outside the classroom. It would be good to use this tool in any science oriented class even after high school where concepts and major ideas are what make up these classes. It would help to organize notes, concepts, and other informations.