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     Productivity tools are very helpful in managing any classroom. Teachers can use programs such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, and Word Processor to make things for their classroom such as calenders, brochures, and seating charts. Teachers can also use these programs to keep a record of the class attendance and each student's grades. Templates for different projects can be downloaded off of the internet.  

     Using PowerPoint, a teacher can make a seating chart to organize how they would want their classroom to look like. By using Word Processor, a teacher can make different things, for example, a calender that tells the students what is going on for that month, certificates to award good students with, hall passes, worksheets,  and they can make a brochure or newsletter to send home to the parents to let them know what their children are learning or doing. Using Excel, you can make pictographs, attendance sheets and keep a record of grades

     Students can also use these productivity tools. One lesson plan that a teacher could use is doing a DNA technology research and short story project. The students can research the latest technology in DNA fingerprinting and use the information to produce a newsletter or a PowerPoint presentation, and then create a short story using DNA fingerprinting to solve a crime. Another good lesson plan would be for students to choose a disease to research by using the internet, encyclopedias, and materials from the library. They then can create a presentation in PowerPoint, make a brochure, or create a Web page to help present their disease to the rest of the class. Students can also use these productivity tools for science lab reports. They can collect and record data and plot the results in a pictograph using excel.

     I learned that using these different programs, teachers can be more organized and are able to manage their time better. Students can also use these programs for different projects. For students, using these programs can make learning easier, more effective, and a lot more fun!