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Healthy Heart PowerPoint Game

     This PowerPoint Game is about the circulatory system and the heart. The game board looks like a person's body and the play pieces are red blood cells. The players have to collect health points and keep the body healthy by answering the questions correctly and by landing on award spots. They lose health points if they land on danger spots. At the end of the game the player with the most health points wins.

    The game was easy to make. We used PowerPoint and a game template to put everything together. The only hard part about the game was creating questions. We linked all the pages together by hyperlinking them to pages we wanted them to be linked to. I created my own game board but you can make your own game board using PowerPoint as well if you are "drawing challenged".

     This game will work well with students who are in middle school learning about the circulatory system in their science class. It will help them to better understand the role of the circulatory system and they will be able to explain the major organs of the circulatory system and how they function.