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All About Me

        In May 2003 I graduated from Tucker High School in Tucker, Georgia. I am currently a 3rd year student at the University of Georgia. My major is Science Education specializing in biology. After I graduate from the University of Georgia I am looking forward to teaching middle or high school science. After I teach for a couple of years I want to go to graduate school for administrative education and maybe become a principal or superintendent. 


        I am Asian-American. Both of my parents are from South Korea. I have an older sister, Gie Na, who is currently in medical school and attends the Medical College of Georgia, and I have a younger sister, Jean Young, who also attends the University of Georgia. My sisters and I all play the violin. I have been playing since I was five and was in UGA's orchestra in my freshmen year.   



        This is my best friend and roommate, Cecilia. We have been friends since middle school. 



        This is my boyfriend, Minho. 



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