Evolutionary Ecology


This is the website of Evo-Eco (Evil-Echo) group. Our group is founded by Echo Yu-Hsun Hsu in the Department of Life Sciences in National Cheng Kung University since 2019.

We study evolution with the techniques in ecology and behavioural ecology. Our current focus lies on speciation and mating strategy, taking damselfly and passerines as our model systems, respectively. Nevertheless, for us, questions are more important than organisms. So if you are a perspective student or post-doc who's interested in speciation an /or mating strategy, but not so much into insects and birds, you are still very welcome to join us.

We are consistantly recruiting students (undergrads, Master's and PhD) and occationally for post-docs. Please contact me (yuhsunhsu@ncku.edu.tw) to see if there is any vacancy.

"If you haven't written it, you haven't done it."

"Precise, clear and brief - always follow these rules for both thinking and writing."

"Methods matter."


March 2022:

Andreas is informed to be awarded the 3rd place in student competition at the Biological Sciences Graduate Congress (BSGC) 2021 (section: Ecology, Evolution and Biodiversity). It's an excellent achievement for a 1st year PhD student. Congrats!!

Jan 2022:

The Year of Ox is approaching to it's end. Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!

Happy new year, everyone! At the beginning of this year, Andreas, Chengwei, Peichen and Peilun will be presenting our new findings in mating systems and damselflies at CABE 2022. Look forward to some fascinating discussion there!

Dec 2021: Andreas and Peilun will both give a talk at the Biological Sciences Graduate Congress (BSGC) 2021 next week. Register now to listen to their latest findings!

Oct 2021:

Congratulations to Peilun for being awarded in the 3 minute thesis talk competition in Life Sciences!

Our findings on the novel wing display and divergent agonistic behaviors of two incipient Psolodesmus damselflies is now on line!

Jun 2021:

Farewell to Yu-Ting. Thanks for your hard work as a research assistant in the past few months and all the best to your adventure in Korea!

Pei-Chen is awarded the Undergrad Research Fellowship from MOST. Congrats!!

May 2021:

We’re recruiting a new research assistant. Please help spreading the word! 我們想找一位專任助理加入研究團隊,若有合適的人選,請幫忙推薦,謝謝!

We had our first online lab meeting this week! It’s fun to see everyone’s style of working from home!

Our new blog is out, finally! Thanks to Shian-Fan for sharing her experience of months long observation of damselfly behavior in the field. Good effort brings in good data and new insights!