Hi there! Welcome to my personal site! 

I am working on mating systems, sexual selections and speciation in insects and birds. Students interested in these topics are welcomed to contact me directly. 

Research Interests

Speciationsexual selection and mating systems are the topics I am interested in. These topics are all highly related with each other. For example, how did populations and species diverge? what is the interaction between sexual and natural selections during the speciation process? and how did the mating systems influence the strength of sexual selection? Therefore, I tend to ask sequential questions to gradually disentangle the patterns and mechanisms of a specific phenomena.

Contact information

Email: yuhsunhsu@mail.ncku.edu.tw
Address: Department of Life Science, NCKU, Tainan, Taiwan.


2018. 10. 8
I am seeking highly motivated PhD students to join my group. Please see Availability for more details.

From this August I will be working as an assistant professor in the Department of Life Sciences in NCKU. Students at any level are welcomed to contact me directly if interested to join my group!

I will be giving a panel talk on the overview of extra-pair mating in birds and the trends of research on this topic in the Taiwan Ornithological Congress on May 5-6. Join us for the first congress of TOC!