MTA (Yeshiva University High School for Boys) History

Material collected by MTA Seniors Michael Haber, Ellie Schwartz, Andrew Arfe, Joseph Eliezer, Dovi Brick, Jacob Zimmer, Mark Rosenberg, 2009, as their Senior Project under the auspices of Rabbi Yosef Gavriel Bechhofer Shlit'a.  Special thanks to Schulamith Z. Berger, YU Library Archivist; and to MTA alumni: Mr. Jerry Haber, Rabbi Allen Schwartz, Rabbi Michael Hecht, Rabbi Avraham Shulman, Rabbi Sid Schimmel.



Official interview questions and 2 interviews


Interview with Rabbi AllenSchwartz F.mp3

Interview with Rabbi Avrohom Shulman


Interview with Jerry Haber


Interview with Rabbi Schimmel

Historic Documents

The Academy News, Oct. '63 Under the Dome 

The Academy News Oct. '63 New System For Publications

The Academy News, Oct. 63 Sports Slants

The Academy News, Oct. 95 MTA Welcomes New Principal

The Academy News, Oct. 95 From The Editor

The Academy News, Oct. 95 Freshman retreat, We can Finally Eat

Yearbook Class of 68, "Rabbi Chait in 68"

The Academy News, Oct '95 Op- Ed: The Students Speak Out

The Academy News, Oct. 95 The Real Story

Yearbook, Letter from the Editors
upside yearbook page (left click to rotate)
Castro's letter to '91 gradutes
Hockey intramural yearbook page
Academy News Dec. 1943
Academy News page 2
Upside down MTA pictures (left click to turn)
Pre Depression YU plans (MTA in back)
Picture of MTA building
Picture of Lamport Aditorium pre Depression plans
Pre Depression YU building (where Golan Hights And Lake Como are today)
Pre Depression plan for shul (where the main Bais Medrish is today)
Pre Depression YU Quad (now regular apartment buildings)
Pre Depression MTA classroom design
Pre Depression MTA Library design
Pre Depression MTA dorm room design
Pre Depression Muss Hall reception room
Pre Depression view looking at YU from North 186th street (MTA in back left)
Earlly YU dinning hall (where Muss classrooms are now)
Pre Depression plans for MTA gym (unknown if follwed through)
Academy News Oct. '63 Front Page
MTA Mad Libs